View Full Version : Authentic Jerseys $45 to $65 All SEWN

12-01-2009, 09:22 PM
Email - dano79@msn.com for authentic Reebok jerseys. I can do NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA. I keep many Steelers jerseys in stock. They are ALL SEWN, with absolutely no screenprinting! White ones will have the SuperBowl 43 logo sewn on as well. NICE! Shipping included in my prices. Most jerseys $50 for one. Order 3 or more and get them for $48 each. Order 6 or more and get them for $45 each. Order 10 or more and get them for $42 each. That is shipped to your door!

Email me now! Great Xmas gifts!


12-02-2009, 03:03 AM
I am not sure why when people post on here selling somthing they have to be insulted.Talk about being guilty before proven innocent.I just happen to take people at face value until there is a reason not to.And i just think some have been really fast to judge people trying to sell items on here.But then saying i have a post selling my steelers room on here i guess i am a spammer also.:noidea:

12-03-2009, 03:45 AM
Believe me i am not trying to start anything with you either.As we have emailed each other and you almost bought a item from me.So i respect you also.I was just trying to get a understanding of why you felt a need to do this.As i see you plug that other site .So it's almost like you do that because you want people to use that place and not anyone else.I could be wrong but that's how it comes off to me.I mean unless the mods say anything about it being wrong to do than all power to this person for posting on here.I mean buy low and sell high is smart buisness ,if you can do it.As michael douglas says in my favorite movie "wall street"-"GREED IS GOOD".There is no rule you have to be a active member and even like the steelers to post your items for sale here.Maybe you should contact the mods about your concerns about this.And believe me the mods on here are the best.You did'nt upset me as i also consider you a friend-thanks for that by the way.:thumbsup:Because this person only came on here to post what they are selling and that's it. They did not come on here to talk black and gold shop talk. What this person is doing is buying these jerseys from websites like www.borntrade.com in bulk at a lower price and then turn around and sell them to us at a higher price. These jerseys he is selling at $45 I can get for $16 - $20. I am just calling him out so that everyone is aware. You are a true member of the Nation and I respect you for what you have been trying to do with your items. Not trying to upset you my friend.. :drink: