View Full Version : I STILL LOVE MY STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-07-2009, 01:27 PM
I was at the game this past Sunday, and as disappointed I was at losing to the Raiders, This is the team I root for, have been since '72 when I was 10 years old living in the Toronto area. I can't imagine cheering for anyone else, This past weekend was my third consecutive year coming to Pittsburgh from S.W. Ontario and I will continue to come even if the un-thinkable happens and we go with only 1 or 2 wins.
Part of all of our problems as fans is we are SPOILED!!! We always expect to be good, when we have a down year it is usually just 1 year.
I just wanted to have an appreciation thread, because we all have critical things to say, express our opinions but when it comes down to it, WE CHEER, IDENTIFY AND SUPPORT THE BEST DAMN ORGANIZATION IN PRO SPORTS!
I Thank God I am a Steelers fan!!!!!!!!!!!!


12-07-2009, 01:49 PM
I'm with you there... we are a bit spoiled. Winningest team since the merger (i think, correct if wrong... i know the steelers are very close if not), seems like they make the playoffs most years, 2 super bowls in last 4 years... i could go on and on.

I guess for me I see this season as a disappointment more then any other in recent memory. I've only been a fan since around '92, when I was old enough to start understanding the game. Since that time I really only truly thought that the Steelers were hands down the best team in the league on three occasions, '94, '95, and '08. Other seasons I always felt they were right there with the best, but not clearly the best. At the beginning of this season, IMO, I thought provided no SB hangover that the Steelers could only get better.

We'll see, they have surprised me before. I'm crossing my fingers that they find themselves and start winning... this is no doubt a talented football team, they just need to get their sh*t together. A Ravens loss tonight, Jax losses to NE and IND and the Steelers run the table from here on out it could be another 2005. I know it sounds crazy but it's the freaking NFL, any team can turn it around.