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01-27-2006, 01:40 AM
I'm bored right now, so I'm gonna make a nice little year in review of the Pittsburgh Steelers, called "Destiny." Please leave comments, on whether you like it or not, I wanna know if I should do parts 2 and on. There will be 4 games per part. Anyways...

Coming off of a disappointing ending to the 04-05 campaign, as the Steelers went 15-1, but lost to the eventual champion New England Patriots 41-27 in the AFC Championship, Pittsburgh was once again excited for the team. As expected, they had high expectations, and were once again expected to compete for the Super Bowl berth in the AFC. In what many have called Jerome Bettis' last season, the heart and sole of the Bus was definitely spread throughout the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room. A solid training camp, led to even more excitement, and then came... THE SEASON.

The NFL Regular Season
Last season's rookie of the year Ben Roethlisberger set out a goal to prove to the NFL world, that he was not a One Hit Wonder, and he wanted to prove that he deserved to be the Number 1 pick, not Eli Manning. And so then it started.

Week 1 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans
Starting out the season at home is always great, and the Steeler Nation came out to support the team, and was hoping for a great way to start the season. With Jerome Bettis out for the 1st week, a new hero in Pittsburgh stepped up, named Willie Parker. The now called "Fast" Willie, showed up the Tennessee defense that afternoon, rushing for 161 yards, and 1 Touchdown. He also had a massive 48 yard reception. However it was a quick scare for the Steeler Faithful, and the Players, when Ben Troupe scored on a 1 yard TD Pass from Steve McNair. that put the Titans up 7-0 early. With 2:42 left in the 1st Quarter, rookie Tight End Heath Miller caught a 3 yard TD Pass from Ben roethlisberger to make it 7-7. Into the 2nd Quarter, and Pittsburgh exploded. Starting off with a Field Goal of 44 yards from Jeff Reed, to make it 10-7 Steelers. Antwaan Randle El caught a 63 yard Touchdown Pass that led to a 17-7 Steeler lead, and then Jeff Reed connected again, this one from 27 yards. the Steelers overcame an early 7-0 deficit to lead 20-7 at Halftime. In the second half, "Fast" Willie, and Verron Haynes both scored Touchdowns from 11 and 5 yards. This put the score 34-7 for Pittsburgh. The 4th quarter was scoreless, as Pittsburgh improved to 1-0, in good fashion.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 34 Tennessee 7
Record - 1-0

Week 2 - Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans
Looking to go to 2-0, the steelers travelled to the newst members of the NFL, the Houston Texans. Joining the league in 2002, the Texans have yet to have a winning season, and this season was no different. Jeff Reed provided for the Steelers right off the bat, on Pittsburgh's opening drive, kicking good a 37 yard FG, to give the visiting Steelers a 3-0 lead. Hines Ward, the longtime Steeler gave the Steelers a 10-0 lead, after he caught a 16 yard pass from Big Ben. The scoring continued for Pittsburgh into halftime, as once again, Hines Ward and Jeff Reed provided points. Ward caught a 2nd TD, this one from 14 yards, and Reed kicked good a 35 yard Field Goal. This left a defensive shutout by Pittsburgh at half-time, up 20-0. Houston struck first in the second half, as Domanick Davis took in a 3 yard pass from David Carr, to cut the lead to 20-7. But Pittsburgh responded. Willie Parker scored his 2nd Td of the season, from 10 yards out, to extend the lead back to 20, 27-7. For the second straight week, there was no 4th quarter scoring on either side, as Pittsburgh improved to 2-0.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 27 Houston 7
Record - 2-0

Week 3 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots
Week 3 brought an AFC title game rematch. The Patriots knocked out the Steelers of the previous season's playoffs, with a convincing 41-27 victory. The Steelers were looking for a measure of revenge, and it didn't look good early. New England struck first, as Corey Dillon took home a 4 yard rush, to give NEw England the early 7-0 lead. However just 15 seconds later, Ben Roethlisberger sent Hines Ward springing, as he completed an 85 yard catch and run Touchdown, to tie up the game at 7's. Jeff Reed connected on a 33 yard FG to give the Steelers the lead, 10-7. The second quarter was a defensive battle, as neither offense scored, and this left us at a 10-7 Steeler lead heading to half-time. Pittsburgh scored first in the 2nd half, on a 24 yard FG by Jeff Reed, increasing their lead to 6, 13-7. New England drove down the Field, and Adam Vinatieri hit a clutch, swift 48 yard Field goal, that cut the lead back to 3, 13-10. The rest of the scoring came in the 4th quarter. Corey Dillon scored his 2nd TD of the game, on a 7 yard Run, putting New England up 17-13. 6 minutes later, Adam Vinatieri kicked through his 2nd FG of the day, this one of 35 yards, to give New England a 20-13 lead with 3:00 minutes left. Pittsburgh didn't take long to reply, 1:30 after Vinatiere gave the Pats a 7 point lead, for the second straight game, Hines Ward caught two TD passes, this one of 4 yards, as Pittsburgh tied the game 20-20. This left Tom Brady into the 2 minute drill, and he is a great QB at doing so. New England drove the ball down to the Pittsburgh 36 yard line, where Adam Vinatieri lined up with 1 second left, and kicked a 43 yard Field Goal good, through the uprights. This handed Ben Roethlisberger his first career regular season loss. Ironically enough, the AFC title Game gave Ben his First ever loss as a starter in 04-05.
FINAL SCORE - New England 23 Pittsburgh 20
Record - 2-1

Week 4 brought in a Bye week for Pittsburgh, and time to prepare for their next game.

Week 5 - Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers
Primetime, Monday Night. ABC's Monday Night Football, everyone wants to play their best, and what a game this was. At Qualcomm Stadium, infront of screaming fans, the Chargers looked to give Pittsburgh it's First 2 game losing streak since 2003-2004. No scoring occurred in the 1st Quarter and it definitely set the tempo for the game. So we skip to the 2nd quarter, where Ben Roethlisberger took in a 7 yard run, to give Pittsburgh a 7-0 lead, early in the 2nd quarter. 8 minutes later, Pittsburgh drove again, and The Bus Jerome Bettis took in a 1 yard Touchdown run, like he so often does, and it gave Pittsburgh a 14-0 lead. With the Charger fans in shock and quiet, Antonio Gates rose to the occasion, and narrowed the lead when he took in a 11 yard pass from Drew Brees, to make the score 14-7. This remained the score at half-time. The lone scoring in the 3rd quarter came from the Chargers kicker, Nate Kaeding. He hit two Field Goals, of 34 and 32 yards, to narrow the Pittsburgh lead down to 1. Kaeding started off the 4th quarter scoring as well, hitting a 41 yard Field Goal, to give the Chargers a 16-14 lead. Pittsburgh had enough, and Heath Miller, the Rookie Tight End took in a 16 yard Touchdown pass, and gave the Steelers the lead back, at 21-16. 6 minutes later, San Diego regained the lead, as LaDainian Tomlinson took home a 2 yard run, to make it 22-21. The 2 point conversion failed, and San Diego held a 1 point lead. Ben Roethlisberger was injured in that 4th quarter, and he did not return. He had an injury to his leg, and this left the Steeler nation in disbelief. A Rush based drive, gave Pittsburgh an opportunity to win the game, on a Jeff Reed 40 yard attempt, with 6 seconds left. He nailed it, and the Steelers took the lead for good, and defeated the San Diego Chargers, 24-22.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 24 San Diego 22
Record - 3-1

With a quarter of the Regular Season done, the Steelers were looking good.

More to come tommorrow if I get good reviews :smile:

(I wrote this all myself, just so you know :smile: )

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