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12-14-2009, 02:26 PM
i like the dude, if we select him in the first round i would like this to pan out.

1.patrick robinson
2.terrance cody (trade up to detroits position)
3.micah johnson (trade up to tampa/st.louis position)

Steel Glory
12-15-2009, 01:57 AM
I think they way our season is turning out we can get Cody in the first round and Robinson will still be there when we pick in the 2nd. Not many teams have pressing needs for CB besides Steelers of course

12-15-2009, 02:59 AM
robinson is not top 15 talent.

12-15-2009, 09:22 PM
he's ranked higher than joe haden in many websites?

Steel Glory
12-15-2009, 11:37 PM
I don't think that Robinson has played to his level of athleticism. In my opinion over the long run he will be better than Haden, but I can easily see him falling to us in round 2.

12-16-2009, 01:06 AM
heres sideline scoutings reports on cb's...

Joe Haden - Florida (HT: 5'11" | WT: 190)
Projection: 1st Round

-Tremendous athletic ability
-Very good ball skills, has good hands and playmaking ability, as well as good range
-Can cover any WR one on one, great speed
-Coverage skills are very solid
-Does not make many mistakes in coverage
-Very tough and physical, not afraid to hit
-Good hip and footwork

-Must learn to tackle better
-Size could be a bit of a concern as the only time he has had trouble in coverage has been against big WRs

Perrish Cox - Oklahoma State (HT: 6'0" | WT: 200)
Projection: 1st-2nd Round

-Great return skills, had five career return TDs in three years prior to 2009 season
-Playmaker, always around the ball
-Strong, not afraid to hit, physical
-Solid tackler in the open field
-Closing and recovery speed is very good
-Durable, does not make many mistakes

-Needs to polish up technique and play the ball better in the air

Patrick Robinson - Florida State (HT: 5'11" | WT: 195)
Projection: 1st-2nd Round

-Physical style of play, not afraid to mix it up
-Very good ball skills, with good hands
-Reads and reacts well
-Good speed, does not get beat very often
-Turns his hips well, not much gets passed him

-Needs to polish up his fundamentals
-Could use some improvement on his tackling and shedding blocks

Kyle Wilson - Boise State (HT: 5'10" | WT: 185)
Projection: 2nd Round

-Speed, quick to the ball
-Has good instincts and playmaking ability, 8 career INTs in three years
-Is very tough and physical, is not afraid of contact and hits well
-Return ability, three punt returns for TDs in 2008
-Good fundamentals

-Turnover stats could be inflated, gambles too often and sometimes allows big plays
-Not ideal cornerback size at 5'10"

Crezdon Butler - Clemson (HT: 6'0" | WT: 185)
Projection: 2nd Round

-Physical CB who is hardnosed is jams WR's at the line
-Good body frame, likes contact
-Good tackler
-Has very good closing speed
-Good hands, has good ballskills
-Very good technique, has good body control, hip movement and footwork
-A lot of upside, gets better each week
-Smart and athletic

-Needs work on his backpedal
-Needs to add muscle

Trevard Lindley - Kentucky (HT: 6'0" | WT: 175)
Projection: 2nd Round

-Good coverage and tackling support
-Great instincts, makes good reads and is always around the ball, aggressive
-Good ball skills, gets his hands on a lot of passes
-Athletic, is quick and speedy and tough and physical for his size
-Great in man to man coverage
-Good technique and is not afraid of contact
-Good closing and recovery speed and turns his hips well
-A lot of upside

-Lanky, needs to add muscle and get stronger
-Has a tough time against stronger and more phyiscal WRs

12-16-2009, 01:10 AM
Brandon Ghee - Wake Forest (HT: 6'0" | WT: 192)
Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

-Good tackler who has been good at forcing fumbles
-Good size, use his size to his advange well and is able to shed blocks
-Good special teams player, has been a successful punt blocker
-Solid coverage man, breaks up a lot of passes
-Is very physical, not overly common for a player that also possesses good speed
-Has good speed, been timed at a 4.40-40 time

-Needs to work on his catching ability
-Still raw and developing
-Needs to work on his technique (back pedal)

Alterraun Verner - UCLA (HT: 5'10" | WT: 182)
Projection: 3rd Round

-Playmaker, always around the ball, dangerous when the ball is in his hands
-Very good instincts, has forced 14 turnovers in his career at UCLA
-Great hands, is only one interception away from tying career high
-Very smart, does not make mental mistakes
-Has long arms and very good footwork, fundamentally sound
-Very mature

-Size, needs to add some bulk, has trouble vs physical/bigger WR's
-Average speed

Devin McCourty - Rutgers (HT: 5'11" | WT: 185)
Projection: 3rd Round

-Smart player who has a very high football IQ
-Good playmaking skills
-Very good special teams player, great college career in terms of blocking punts
-Good tackler, has good technique and likes to hit
-Very coachable, has a lot of experience
-Great fundamentals, does not make mistakes
-Good leadership skills


Syd'Quan Thompson - California (HT: 5'9" | WT: 185)
Projection: 3rd Round

-Reads and reacts well
-Tackles very well for his size, one of the better tackling CBs in the nation
-Good speed, closes and recovers well
-Good fundamentals on his back pedal and footwork
-Physical style helps him a lot, good at jamming WRs at the line
-Return skills, good special teams player
-Instinctive playmaker
-Durable, has not missed a game for the Bears

-Lacks NFL intangibles
-Does not have ideal size and is not a big hitter
-Needs to add strength
-Though it has improved, has to be more consistent
-Nees to play the ball better when it is in the air

Myron Lewis - Vanderbilt (HT: 6'3" | WT: 205)
Projection: 4th Round

-Versatility, can play either cornerback or safety
-Has great size, measurements definitely project to the NFL, and has long arms
-Great blitzer, had five sacks as a junior
-Good hands and instincts
-A lot of upside, plays smart and plays with passion

-Needs fundamental work, is a bit stiff in the hips
-Not real quick

Javier Arenas - Alabama (HT: 5'9" | WT: 190)
Projection: 4th Round

-Perhaps the most feared return man in the nation, has six career punt returns for TDs
-Great speed, closing and recovery speed is top notch
-A ton of upside at cornerback, good hands to make the pick
-Continues to improve each year as a cornerback

-Despite not the ideal size, he must be more physical
-Needs to make more plays as a cornerback
-Will likely be valued more as a returner than a cornerback, is a project as a cornerback

12-16-2009, 08:20 AM
wow thanks, i think we should also get Javier Arenas for his return ability. logan takes 1 roster spot up just for returning, Arenas could also become a gunner and play some corner. Leaves Mike Wallace to develop as a reciever alot more. imo.