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01-28-2006, 09:19 AM
I thought this little quiz might be fun for you guys and gals to pass some time since our beloved Steelers don't play this weekend since we're going to the Super Bowl! :bouncy: Post up your answers. The first one to get all the correct answers gets bragging rights or somethin'... I dunno...(lol).

Please note that there are currently 32 teams in the NFL but only 28 are used to finish this quiz. Also, the 28 correct answers are not necessarily the oldest franchises.

Okay... Here we go...

One Dollar For Corn =

Midnight Snackers =

Giant Powerful People =

I.O.U.s =

Six Rulers =

King of the Beasts =

Movers =

Foolish Sunbathers =

747,757,767 =

Six Shooters =

Credit Card Users =

Streakers =

Indian Leaders =

Used to be Girls =

Seven Squared =

Youth Scouting Awards =

Toy with Fish Arms =

Shoplifters =

Suntan Bodies =

Ewe's Mates =

Bus Fights in Pittsburgh =

Equine Rodeo Participants =

Henry Ford's First Compacts =

Peter & Paul =

Religious Leaders =

Half Bovine, Half Men =

Army Insects =

Marine Birds =

Good luck and have fun! :bouncy:

01-28-2006, 12:28 PM
One Dollar For Corn = Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Guess)

Midnight Snackers = Oakland Raiders (guess)

Giant Powerful People = New york Giants (Giant people...?)

I.O.U.s = Buffalo Bills (Bills to be paid.. You owe someone)

Six Rulers = Minnesota ViKINGS (Kings... Rulers..)

King of the Beasts = Detroit LIONS (Lions = King of BEasts)

Movers = Green Bay Packers (Packing.. Moving..)

Foolish Sunbathers = Washington REDSKINS (Sunburn.. Redskin... yeah)

747,757,767 = New York JETS (Jet Numbers, Boeing 747? etc.)

Six Shooters = Indianapolis COLTS (gun)

Credit Card Users = San Diego CHARGERS (You get charged for CC use..)

Streakers = Chicago Bears (Guess)

Indian Leaders = KC CHIEFS (chief = Leader)

Used to be Girls = Cincinnati Bengals (Been Gals..)

Seven Squared = San Francisco 49ers (Math)

Youth Scouting Awards =

Toy with Fish Arms = Miami DOLPHINS (Dolphin... Fish..)

Shoplifters = Pittsburgh STEELERS (Steal.. Thief..)

Suntan Bodies = Cleveland BROWNS (Brown is what a Suntan should be..)

Ewe's Mates = St.Louis RAMS (Rams.. Ewes..)

Bus Fights in Pittsburgh =

Equine Rodeo Participants = Denver Broncos

Henry Ford's First Compacts = Atlanta Falcons :)

Peter & Paul = New Orleans Saints (Peter and Paul Saints..)

Religious Leaders = Arizona Cardinals??

Half Bovine, Half Men = Dallas COWBOYS (Cows Bovine, Boys Men)

Army Insects =

Marine Birds = Seattle SEAHAWKS (Marine... Sea... Bird... Hawk)

01-28-2006, 12:37 PM
Henry Ford's First Compacts = Falcons

Equine Rodeo Participants = Broncos

01-29-2006, 08:33 AM
Brady, all your answers are correct except for Giant Powerful People. Your answer of the New York Giants is incorrect, but you're soooooooooo close...(lol). You're an intelligent guy. I know you can get the rest. Only 3 more to go. Youth Scouting Awards (an easy one), Bus Fights in Pittsburgh (a lil bit tougher but a Pittsburgh native should guess it), and Army Insects (easy, and you're gonna poop yourself when you realize what it is...(lol). Good luck! :bouncy:

Hardwork, both of your answers are correct. If you can come up with the answers for Giant Powerful People, Youth Scouting Awards, Bus Fights in Pittsburgh, and Army Insects before anyone else, you win...(lol)! Good luck! :bouncy:

01-29-2006, 09:09 AM
Giant Powerful People, Titans

Youth Scouting Awards, Eagles (Boy scout like)

Bus Fights In Pittsburgh, Partriots (Pennsylvania(PA) Transportation RIOTS)

Army Insects, Giants (GI) ANTS

01-29-2006, 11:41 AM
Giant Powerful People, Titans

Youth Scouting Awards, Eagles (Boy scout like)

Bus Fights In Pittsburgh, Partriots (Pennsylvania(PA) Transportation RIOTS)

Army Insects, Giants (GI) ANTS

YAY! lol

01-29-2006, 05:54 PM
Yay! :bouncy: All the correct answers to the quiz have been posted. Everyone did a great job. I was really impressed with you, Brady. You?re so smart?(lol). Great job finishing it off, SteelR1. Rep points to all of you for playing and being such great sports. Thanks and come again!

Here?s all the correct answers and their solutions?

One Dollar For Corn = Buck-an-ear (Buccaneers)

Midnight Snackers = Raiders

Giant Powerful People = Titans

I.O.U.s = Bills

Six Rulers = VI-Kings (Vikings)

King of the Beasts = Lions

Movers = Packers

Foolish Sunbathers = Redskins

747,757,767 = Jets

Six Shooters = Colts

Credit Card Users = Chargers

Streakers = Bares (Bears)

Indian Leaders = Chiefs

Used to be Girls = Been-gals (Bengals)

Seven Squared = 49 (49ers)

Youth Scouting Awards = Eagles

Toy with Fish Arms = Doll-fins (Dolphins)

Shoplifters = Steelers

Suntan Bodies = Browns

Ewe's Mates = Rams

Bus Fights in Pittsburgh = PAT (Port Authority Transit) ? Riots (Patriots)

Equine Rodeo Participants = Broncos

Henry Ford's First Compacts = Falcons

Peter & Paul = Saints

Religious Leaders = Cardinals

Half Bovine, Half Men = Cow-Boys (Cowboys)

Army Insects = GI-Ants (Giants)

Marine Birds = Seahawks