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12-15-2009, 07:48 PM
I played organized football in high school and D-II college. I continued playing after college in a full-contact, no-pads street league that consisted of 8 teams.
Lasted about five years. We played ten game seasons. We had playoffs, and a championship game, called the "Swamp Bowl", as games were played on a field next to a swamp. Even had an all-star game. Anyway, I digress.

The point to all of that is, in high school and college, there were coaches who ran the team. Among their responsiblities was preparing the team physically and mentally, as well strategically, by implementing a scheme, and a gameplan. In theory, this scheme and gameplan, are put in place to give the players the best chance at success on the football field. As players, it was our responsibility to learn the schemes, be it offense or defense, and then in turn execute them on the field. Now, if the players fail to learn the scheme, and/or are unable to execute it on the field, then that most certainly falls squarely on the heads of the players. However, if the gameplan/scheme is flawed, and predictable, than that falls on the coaches for not putting those players in the best position to be successful.

In the street league there were no coaches. We called and ran our own plays. We decided when and who to substitute. Hell, we even had to self-officiate the games. So, if Arians is not responsible for repeatedly putting this team in position to fail, with flawed schemes and gameday playcalling, what exactly are they paying him for? Why don't the owners just pick the best athletes, and roll 'em out on the field without a gameplan or scheme in place, and let 'em just wing it by the seat of their pants. For, then every single thing that goes wrong on the field, would be entirely on the players.

Seeing as how they're paying Tomlin a nice piece of change to do his job. And I'm quite sure Arians, hasn't spent any nights in a shelter or eating from a soup kitchen recently. So, since these men are being very well compensated to perform a job, which consists of preparing plalyers to win football games, then I think it's only fair to actually hold them accountable/responsible when things break down. Particularly, when there are blatant and obvious flaws in the gameplan(3rd and short, RZ, shotgun) and scheme(no FB, lack of balance-60-40 pass/run ratio).

So, while I don't think Tomlin should be fired, it's certainly time for him to roll up his sleeves, because to say he's facing his toughest challenge in his young coaching career, would be an understatement of epic proportions. He has lost this team, and he'd better get it back before it spirals further out of control, and he's unable to. Now, as far as Air-Head, I want him gone on the first thing smoking. If there's nothing smoking leaving anytime in the near future, then something with pedals would be a fine substitute. Ligashithead can go with him on a bicycle built for two for all I care. And, though I'm not as bent out of shape about LeBeau as I am Air-Head(two of his three best defensive players have missed the large majority of the season, not an excuse, it's just what the situation is), he does also need to be held accountable for some of the breakdowns on d this season, and he to needs to correct them, or he too, may find himself looking at the front door. That's if he doesn't decide to hang it up on his own.

So, if coaches are so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, if it's all on the players to "execute", then why pay these coaches millions of dollars. Just get fifty-three athletes, give shoulder pads, helmets and a ball, and let 'em have it. Thast's the way we did it on the Boulevard, and not one coach EVER got blamed when an offense got shut down, or a defense gave up a lte drive, or a punt return, or a team lost or went on a losing streak of, say, I don't know...five games...I'm just sayin'.


12-16-2009, 07:44 AM
Someone has to stand on the sidelines wearing the latest team merchandise...