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stand undefeated
01-29-2006, 02:34 PM
Everyone's talking about and predicting the potential MVP candidate already of the super bowl next sunday in detroit. But let's try to look at it in a different perspective, the NOT so MVP player.

Super Bowl XXX for instance...

Everyone and their mothers vote would be the infamous INT's of Neil O'donnell. How the game woulda turned out without those costly mistakes, we'll never know.

What i'm trying to say, is who in the back of your mind is creeping out at you on the Steelers that makes you think they can potentially cough up a big play or two to the opposition, considering seattle's gonna play us tough and im sure they'll keep it close.

I just don't feel confident in Willie Parker, but I sure hope he proves me wrong next Sunday and runs wild. But i'm not liking his play as of late, and I know teams are stacking up the run as well... but we got one lucky call that coulda went either way on his first fumble, and one nice steeler bounce that could of turned around the game a bit on his second fumble OB last sunday at denver.

I'm not trying to jinx the Steeles, nor what I say could ever change anyway the game plays out, but I just wanted to see if anyone's thinking along the same lines.

tony hipchest
01-29-2006, 02:44 PM
willies 1st fumble last weekend was as clear of a fumble as troys int. was an int. the refs got the fumble wrong on the field but rightfully corrected their mistake on replay.

ben is the one who dont need to make any mistakes. steelers could easilly recover from 1 int or fumble but ben must limit his mistakes. i think he will but i expect atleast 1 t.o.

01-29-2006, 02:55 PM
I'm hoping the NOT so MVP is not anyone that is not on the Seahawks, and I feel Ike Taylor and Parker will have a big game.