View Full Version : Pittsburgh playoffs in 2009

12-23-2009, 03:13 AM
The Steelers will snag a wild card berth after they win the last 2 games. Denver will lose at Philadelphia, and the Steelers have a head to head tie breaker over them. The Colts will eliminate the Jets, the Patriots will end the Jaguars season, and the Steelers will have tiebreaker head to head over the Dolphins and Titans. If Baltimore wins at Oakland, then they will have the fifth seed, and the Steelers will earn the sixth seed. 6th seed? Where have we all heard that before? Super bowl season in 2005, that's where! Also if the Raiders can win at home and complete their bizarre mastery of beating superior teams, then the Broncos will have the sixth seed, while the Steelers capture the fifth. It looks like the Steelers will draw the Bengals or Patriots in the wild card round, and either one would be a very, very intriguing and storyline laced matched. All the reporters and analysts would have a career week discussing and breaking down every minute detail. Let me know what you think of my perspectives of the possibilties of what would be a surprising playoff run in '09.

12-23-2009, 06:20 AM
Your words to God's ears !!!!! I hope you are right . I will be in church praying this weekend for a win and the rest of our rivals a LOSS !!!