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12-24-2009, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone,

First off I just wanted to say that I've been lurking these forums for about 2 years now but since I didn't have a non-hotmail email I never signed up until last week. However, I think these forums are by far the best way to keep up with/ converse about my favourite sports team and the players who play for the black and gold and I'm proud to be part of the fever :tt04:

Second I would like to mention that I'm from steeltown Canada, Hamilton Ontario, home of the quickly closing Dofasco and Stelco mills, home of the hard working, and most importantly from a football perspective home of the black and gold Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL).

Although I'm far to young to remember the 70's teams, my dad clearly remembers watching the Oakland game with my Uncle when Franco caught that unbelievable pass that started it all. For me in 2002 I began to watch the sport of American football and immediately fell for the Stillers fantastic defenseive play. After suffering a few years with "touchdown" Tommy as the qb, a curly haired young Ben led the team to an unbelievable winning streak, playoffs, and eventually, a superbowl, that first superbowl was a tough year for me, and every up and down the Steelers had, every fluke play, the aligning of the stars that led to that championship win, will folllow me forever, that is when I truly became a die hard fan.

Now to today: I started this thread to strike up a serious discussion; At the beginning of the year after the final drive of last years superbowl, who thought the Steel would be down to 7-7? Not me thats for sure, but other than the players leaving (Mcfadden, Foote, and let's be honest Parker) If you were to take the best run stuffer in Smith, and questionably the best player on the Steelers in Polamalu and remove them from the first game of the season on, what do you think the Steelers record would be based on last year's team?

12-24-2009, 07:57 PM
So are you saying that after returning 22 of the starters, 7-7 is not an idealistic way to defend a Super Bowl Championship?

It would be bigger than 2005 if we won out and repeated. Remember, it always takes big plays for the Steelers to win a SB. FWP TD, Randal El to Ward FF, Immaculate Interception, The Greatest Catch.

12-24-2009, 09:18 PM
Welcome to the forum - and thanks for saying "converse" - not conversate.

12-24-2009, 11:06 PM
Based on last years team(specificly the D), I'd say we would easily have 10 wins right now. Welcome, if you've been lurking for 2 years I'm sure no comment to this question will suprise you.