View Full Version : do steelers have a coaching advantage over the ravens?

12-24-2009, 09:54 PM
I was thinking about how this is the 2nd time these teams are facing each other but since dixon played the 1st game the steelers stuck with mostly running plays while the steelers got to see what the ravens do. With ben back, the ravens pretty much wont rely on the tape from the last game since with ben in its a whole new game plan. Ya they can look at the plays from the steeler games last year but every year the playbook changes

12-24-2009, 11:17 PM
Can't say that will give us the advantage because it's no secret in the past 6 games (no matter who is at QB). 'If you want to beat the Steelers pass the ball'.

I will say that our overall talent gives us an advantage. I'm bummed I can't see Troy play this week but I'm hopeing the last win, the playoff chance, and the bitter rivalry will light a fire under some arses.

12-25-2009, 04:47 AM
I don't think we have an advantage. I do think this game will be a shootout. The secondary and their ability to cover will depend on whether or not Deshea can still play at a high level. He has to be an improvement over Gay, but how much will determine the outcome IMHO. I'd like to see him pick one off since he seems to be one of the only guys in our secondart capable of pulling it off.