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01-02-2010, 02:25 AM
1.) St Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
In the past two drafts the Rams have passed on Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman. It's time for Spags and Co. to get their guy for the long haul. (as long as Bradford's health checks out okay)

2.) Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
Lions pass up their biggest need of OT to draft the hands-down best prospect of the draft.

3.) Tampa Bay Bucaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
Pick could go a lot of ways, but the Bucs snag a guy to be a force in the middle of their defense.

4.) Kansas City Chiefs - Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers
I may get some flac for this one, but I think Kansas City MUST protect their big investment (as bad as he may be!) with a great left tackle. I like Davis better than Okung.

5.) Washington Redskins - Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
The 'Skins' line has been horrendous this year. New GM Bruce Allen understands that no QB will thrive with a bad line and opts to either keep Campbell or target McCoy or Pike in round 2/3.

6.) Cleveland Browns - Eric Berry, S Tennessee
One of the top three prospects in the draft and Cleveland needs help on D. The Browns would love if he's available when they pick.

7.) Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
Matt Hasselbeck looks to be at the end of the road and Seattle drafts their QB of the future.

8.) Buffalo Bills - Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama
Extremely smart LB with high football IQ. Buffalo is among the league's worst in rush defense and "Ro" is a beast against the run.

9.) Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
Al Davis drafts another Terp in the first round, taking the massive OT.

10.) Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Navarro Bowman, OLB Penn State
Disappointed that RoMac is off the board, the Broncs upgrade their pass rush with a strong, physical player in Bowman on the edge.

11.) Tennessee Titans - Trevard Lindley, CB Kentucky
Nick Harper is getting old and the Titans need someone to step in across from Cortland Finnegan. Trevard Lindley is a better overall corner than Haden IMO.

12.) San Francisco 49ers - Joe Haden, CB Florida
SF is in dire need of a corner, and Haden is the best one on the board.

13.) Miami Dolphins - Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State
The Dolphins really start to build a potent offensive attack around Henne and the Wildcat. Camarillo and Bess won't cut it, and Bryant would be an instant upgrade.

14.) Jacksonville Jaguars - CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
I can't see the Jags taking Tebow in the 1st round, considering he'll likely be availble in the 2nd or 3rd round. Spiller would be a nice compliment to MoJo.

15.) San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) - Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa
After drafting Haden to address their top need, they take Bulaga to solidify the O-Line, another weakness in San Fran.

16.) Pittsburgh Steelers - Ras-I Dowling, CB Virginia
Some speculate Dowling will be an NFL safety. Either would work for the Steelers as they are aging at both corner and safety.

17.) New York Jets - Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
Rex gets a dominant pass rusher in the Justin Tuck mold. Morgan is a steal at 17.

18.) New York Giants - Earl Thomas, S Texas
Giants have serious concerns at the safety position and Thomas would be an excellent selection to come in and be an immediate contributor.

19.) Houston Texans - Dan Williams, NT Tennessee
Houston needs a dominant D-tackle and Williams has proved a dominant force in the middle.

20.) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - Jahvid Best, RB California
A lighting-quick back from Cal, Best would be a great pickup at 20 for a struggling Seattle offense.

21.) Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Graham, OLB/DE Michigan
Okay, there were a ton of options here and who knows which way Ozzie will go, but I really love the pass-rush ability of Brandon Graham. He would instantly give us an upgrade in the pass rush and give us three quality pass rushers; Suggs, Kruger, and Graham.

22.) Atlanta Falcons - Donovan Warren, CB Michigan
ATL is in dire need of a CB, and Warren is the BPA here.

23.) New England Patriots - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE USF
Like the Ravens, NE has had problems getting to the passer. JPP is a physical specimen who would instantly upgrade the Pats pass rush.

24.) Green Bay Packers - Charles Brown, OT USC
Relying on Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher for another year is not a good idea. Green Bay's No. 1 priority this offseason is finding a top-notch left tackle for Rodgers.

25.) Dallas Cowboys - Taylor Mays, S USC
Jerry Jones loves big-name guys, and would love to have this hard-hitting safety at 25. Has had terrible sr. season, however.

26.) Cincinnati Bengals - Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
The Bengals were frighteningly thin at TE this year, and would be ECSTATIC if Gresham, a top 15 talent, was available here.

27.) Arizona Cardinals - Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois
The Cards don't have many needs, but if Boldin dashes, they'll want to draft a big, athletic recever to fill in.

28.) Philadelphia Eagles - Corey Wootton, DE Northwestern
Andy Reid gets a great DE to play against the run.

29.) Minnesota Vikings - Jared Odrick, DT Penn State
Pat Williams isn't getting any younger and Odrick would be a great fill-in after he retires.

30.) San Diego Chargers - Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri
The Bolts go BPA and snag Weatherspoon, a top strongside OLB in the draft. Good value and depth behind Merriman.

31.) New Orleans Saints - Everson Griffen, DE USC
NO does't have many needs either and snag Griffen, an imposing force at DE.

32.) Indianapolis Colts - Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss
Getting Greg Hardy this late in the first round provides incredible value. And there's definitely nothing wrong with having tons of depth on the defensive line.

Let me know what you think, please!

01-02-2010, 03:23 AM
not bad...there's a few i don't agree with at this point, but that'll shake out after senior weeks, pro days and the combine....
1.) St Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma ...... had he come out last year , he still woulda been behind stafford for the same reason he'll be behind clausen. they play in a pro style offense...bradford doesn't.

4.) Kansas City Chiefs - Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers .... i just don't think he'll be the top tackle off the board. i think after the combine bruce davis makes a surge to the top.

10.) Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Navarro Bowman, OLB Penn State .... they may go WR here in light of marshals latest BS...if not i think there's some DE's that have more value here....they were gashed a good bit in the run game

11.) Tennessee Titans - Trevard Lindley, CB Kentucky ... really ? i think he'll be about the 5th cb off the board

13.) Miami Dolphins - Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State ...wouldn't be a bad pick here, but it doesn't seem like a parcells first round pick. porter and taylor are on thier last legs....look for an olber

17.) New York Jets - Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech...they may have seen enough of braylon edwards .... i'm thinkin receiver for thier young qb

20.) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - Jahvid Best, RB California ... they definetly need a good back, but how long do they wait till they look for hasselbecks replacement? ryan mallet ?

30.) San Diego Chargers - Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri ...they could go this route but they did take olber larry english 1 st last year...what they really need is an ilber and a nose tackle.... if williams or mt cody is on the board...maybe brandon spikes...

32.) Indianapolis Colts - Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss ...has he done anything this year to warrent a 1st rd pick?

Galax Steeler
01-02-2010, 06:49 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing Ras-I Dowling in the Black and Gold next year. He is a play maker.

01-02-2010, 07:30 AM
Anthony Davis, Navarro Bowman, and Trevard Lindley do not warrant a top 20 selection

The Titans will not pass on Derrick Morgan

Where is Terrence Cody in the 1st round?

Cardinals have more pressing needs than WR and go with those needs

You have Mike Brown drafting based on need and not character issues:chuckle: