View Full Version : So, Who's staying and who's leaving?

01-03-2010, 08:46 PM
After finally swallowing my pride and facing the fact's that we laid a stinker this year, it's time to step back and take a look and see who's gonna be coming back in 2010 and who's gone.

As much as i hate too see this. Willie Parker is gone, tho he had a nice game today. His injuries are just too much of a problem, I think you'll see Issac Redman be brought up as the #2 back behind Mendenhall.

Jeff Reed, What can i say. He's been absolute money the past few years. Besides the game this season on that horrible turf they call Soldier Field. He's been very good, He won't hurt the cap that much at all soo i see no reason why he won't be back. Unless he get's offered more money somewhere else.

Ryan Clark, now this is kinda "up in the air" for some people. But for me i say keep him. Yes he and the rest of the DB's were exposed this year due to Troy being out. But he played very hard this year, and without any un-forseen injuries to Troy again next season i think the Saftey positions will be just fine.

Big Hamp, He's the anchor in the middle as they like to say, And i agree. Re-siging him for me is a must, I would love too se him finish as a Steeler, and as far as i've seen his productivity is still jsut as high as it's ever been, Bring him back!

As for the other guy's like Deshea and Nick Eason, Travis Kirschke etc. They are most likely done, The CB position will be taken care of, and Ziggy Hood is coming on really strong.

Now it's just waiting for the draft...:noidea: