View Full Version : Who is going to win the Superbowl this year???

01-09-2010, 10:39 PM
I know nobody cares(as well as me) but I was just wondering what your thoughts were???....The cowgirls looked pretty good against the eagles but the NFC is not as strong as the AFC....so with that said I think the Colts will probably go all the way and get another Superbowl.......Dang it makes u think if the Steelers made it to the playoffs they would of won the SB once again doesn't it??(they were finally getting it together the last few weeks).....it sucks not making the playoffs....but hey @ least we have the DRAFT....:noidea:

Steel Glory
01-10-2010, 12:28 AM
I honestly don't think with the team we fielded this year, we could have made it to the Superbowl. You have to be really optimistic to think that. There is no way we can go up by 28+ points by the 4th quarter against good teams, and if they are within 20 points is easily within our power to hand them the game with our abysmal 4th quarter D.

Anyways, my guess is that the Chargers finally prove themselves in the playoffs.

Any chance the Steelers will trade up for Berry or Haden to bolster the backfield?

01-11-2010, 01:27 AM
I know I'm optimistic...but I based this on the last four games of the season....They seemed to be getting it together....I know the D was still playing the same but the Steelers were getting on Fire at the right time.....In the AFC side I DON"T think the Jets, Bengals(although they beat us twice), Patriots, and even the Chargers were better than us.....but I give u the Colts, and Ratbirds I mean Ravens(they looked good against the Cheaters I mean Patriots), and (I'm kinda convinced) the Chargers because they are flying under the radar and like u said "Chargers [would] finally prove themselves in the playoffs".....On the NFC side I see the winner of the Viqueens/Cowgirls going all the way....I could be mistaken because the Cardinals could surprise everyone again....They too are flying under the radar and their offense is looking good when Warner plays @ a high level.... I wish I could say that about their defense against the Packers....:chuckle:...but anyways.....

In order to get Berry he would have to fall big time....I don't think he falls past the 5th pick....and in order for us to take him we would have to give up way too much in compensation....As for Haden their is a possibility of drafting him if he falls around the 10th or 11th....but again I think the forty-wieners(49ers) would nab him w/ one of their picks....and again they would ask a lot in compensation....I think we would be safe if we take FS Earl Thomas out of Texas because he possesses the ball hawking skills and the athletic ability that we need @ that position...ohh and by the way he is a pretty good tackler..... thats assuming the Steelers don't trade up for a certain guy....