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01-23-2010, 01:20 PM
I don't think this has been mentioned yet (Nothing turned up in the "Check if Already Posted" search, awesome feature by the way) but I apologize if it already has.

Cope/paste to what I wrote the other day.

That's what Jim Wexell said on his Twitter page the other day.

After being asked this,

"Any word regarding Ray Horton? Heard he's jumping ship... Would that be such a bad thing? "

Wexell didn't really come out and confrim it, but he didn't deny it either. Saying...

"From the little I know, Horton's a good coach. But with many DB minds around, I wouldn't think his loss would hurt all that much."

A quick search brought up this article (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/college/houston/6825424.html) yesterday regarding the possibility of him becoming the DC for the Houston Cougars. In it, it states...

"Though Horton has had a formal interview, he hasn't been offered the job."

It also doesn't seem like Horton is trying to downplay the opportunity. Sounds like he is very much interetsed and rightfully so.

I'll throw three guesses into who could be replacements.

Tony Gilbert - Arkansas St - Arkansas St tie-in exists and Gilbert has seemed to do a lot of good in his time as the defensive backs coach. That resume includes

He helped coach an ASU secondary that led the 2007 Indians' defense to the 12th best pass defense in the country and also ranked ninth in passes intercepted. The 2008 squad followed that up with a No. 2 pass defense ranking in the Sun Belt Conference.

Something Tomlin also changed in a big way at Cincy. Getting a guy who can help mold the team to get a few more interceptions would obvioulsy be welcomed with open arms.

Gilbert also helped Tyrell Johnson become the player that he is today with the Vikings; being selected in the second round.

Kerry Coombs - Cincy Bearcats: Again, the connection comes into play. Coombs has also molded a ton of DBs into draft prospects, especially last year when he had three drafted. Cincy's AD has been around for 20 years meaning Tomlin has a guy that he knew in his two year span working with the team.

George Catavolos - Formerly of the Bills: The Bills' pass defense is one of the things not wrong with the team. Hooray! Jarius Byrd had a strong chance to become the DROY, tying Charles Woodson with nine interceptions. Terrence McGee is a solid corner. A bum knee hurt him the most this season. And Leodis McKelvin has looked promising. If only injuries would stop slowing him down. George Wilson has also been solid but underrated outside of Buffalo. And this is a guy who was a WR a few years ago and had to be moved when they were dropping DBs like they did O-lineman this season. Cata also seems to have tons of experience. Plus, he's a Bill. Something about Buffalo makes us take a second look.