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01-26-2010, 06:34 PM
The Best of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin
January 26, 9:20 AMPittsburgh Sports Examiner
Matt Pawlikowski

Steeler coach Mike Tomlin came under a lot of scrutiny in 2009, especially after the Steelers failed to make the playoffs following its win in Super Bowl XLIII.

There were a number of factors. The injury to Troy Polamalu, the inability of the secondary to close down opposition and the non-creative playcalling of Bruce Arians.

Still you have to love his style. He is one of the best when it comes to quotes, and here are the ones we felt were his finest in 2009 with the best from his press-conference prior to the Ravens game.

"We will not go gently, we will unleash hell here in December, because we have to. We won't go in the shell, we will go into attack mode, because that is what is required."

"We have a singular goal every year and thatís to be world champs. We understand that there are 32 teams going for it and there can only be one. Iíve been in this league nine years and seven times Iíve been disappointed. Thatís the reality of it. So if weíre not that team, so be it. Iím not interested in correcting problems; Iím interested in pursuing Lombardiís, and hopefully winning them.Ē - On the possibility of not making the playoffs.

"Iím very thoughtful that I display the attributes that I ask my guys to. I think thatís part of leadership. I love the challenges that this profession provides, even when itís miserable. Itís awesome, it really is. I love it. I donít like where we are, I donít like losing football games, particularly in the manner in which weíre losing them. But I love what I do. I love coming in here, I love building it, and I love the challenges." - On how to heal emotional wounds.

"I'm not concerned about avoiding anything that happened three years ago or worried about letdowns or things of that nature. When you use the term 'letdown' you proceed with the assumption that this is a continuation of something that happened in the past." -Asked during training camp about the potential of a Super Bowl hangover.

"I'll wear that like a badge of honor. That comes with the job. I don't live in my fear. I just play to win. I don't worry about being judged." - This after he called for an onside kick against the Packers where he was booed by fans and questioned by media.

"We were below the line in a lot of areas. I accept responsibility for that. What we wonít do is point fingers, what we wonít do is come apart. What we will do is get back in the lab and prepare for our next challenge and stand in the face of this adversity." - After the loss to Kansas City.

"I just think itís part of Ďbeing a guyí, if you will. My eight-year-old falls down in the driveway, I tell him not to cry. Those are pretty poor instructions, when you think about it. He probably hurts. Thatís life. Weíre going to rely on the experts" On players not telling about injuries.

"Thereís a sting that comes with being on the outside looking in, particularly with the way guys fought back over the last three weeks, but thatís the reality of our business. Weíre not going to cry over that spilt milk." - After Miami game on possibly not making the playoffs.

"Youíve got to make significant plays at significant moments. When weíve lost, itís because we havenít, when we won, itís because we have." - On situational football.

"Youíve got a desire to be dominant, but at the same time Iím a realist. I acknowledge that every time you walk out of that tunnel, youíre not going to be a dominant team. When youíre not, you like to think that you put enough pieces in place and have a solid enough plan and enough understanding of your strengths in the matchups that you can make timely significant plays to win." - On what it takes to win.

"I like to waddle in my own misery." - Asked if he consulted any other coaches about the five game losing streak.

"Excuses and explanations for what has happened particularly recently is really kind of irrelevant. You want to know what kind of team you are, look at your record and turn the tape on. The tape hasnít been pretty and neither is our record." - On his teams mindset during the losing streak.

"You guys know Iím a ďone foot in front of the otherĒ kind of guy. Iíll worry about that about Wednesday night." - On whether Ryan Clark would be playing in Denver.

01-26-2010, 06:37 PM
How about : 'My son asked my "what were you thinking?' in regards to the onside kick. I told him to shut up." :chuckle:

01-27-2010, 08:24 PM
I love me some coach T. His forward thinking and aggressive style is a refreshing change for this Steelers fan. Mark my words. He WILL be talked about as a great HC in the future. :tt:

01-27-2010, 09:38 PM
How about : 'My son asked my "what were you thinking?' in regards to the onside kick. I told him to shut up." :chuckle:

I bet if he didn't do that onside kick, and the Steelers lost because of the defense, everyone would have blamed him... I thought it was a good decision... Give Ben, who was having the game of his life the ball with a good amount of time on the clock to win the game... who else has done that.... Bill Belichick maybe?

Northside Jonny
01-27-2010, 09:51 PM
I was sold with the speech from his head coach introduction when he said what I use as my signature.

01-28-2010, 07:08 AM
I love me some coach T. His forward thinking and aggressive style is a refreshing change for this Steelers fan. Mark my words. He WILL be talked about as a great HC in the future. :tt:
I hope your are right. But he still has a long way to go. He is a good coach. But that's it.