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01-28-2010, 02:29 PM
Here is my take on the Steelers 2010 Mock Offseason. I know I'm a "Waterboy" but i pay alot of attention to certain things as a true Steelers fan. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share them!!! I'm very open to possible scenarios!!!

Free Agency:

Retain: Ryan Clark FS: Clark is a flat out team player with great upside. He's the perfect running mate for the return of the hungry Troy Polamalu. There isnt another Free Safety who hits as hard as Clark. He's a team player and definitely a vocal leader on our defense.

Jeff Reed K: I know this sounds rediculous but he is a very accurate kicker and probably the only kicker who can judge those swirling winds at Heinz Field. Although his kickoff length is terrible, I'd retain him for field goal and extra point duties.

Willie Colon T: He's the king of the false start. The king of the penalty. Thats what we all know him for!!! He's definitely been a key player on that offensive line. It might be pricy to lock him up. He's young and definitely a growing talent.

Daniel Sepulveda P: 2 words.... Mitch Berger

Deshea Townsend CB: I know hes going into his 12th season. Hes definitely a solid corner and the way that William Gay has played i'd keep him as a security blanket. We Have Joe Burnett and Keenan Lewis waiting in the wings as well. So this pick is definitely 50/50.

Draft 2010:
Round 1: Terrance Cody NT Alabama : My reason for this pick is that he is a absolute monster. I know size isn't everything. One play in the BCS championship game that sold me on this pick was him lining up at Fullback and NO ONE even challenged him as Mark Ingram walked into the endzone. Just imagine if your Justin Hartwig. Would you want to line up against him for 2 maybe 3 downs?? HELL NO!!! lol

Round 2: Mike Pouncey OG Florida: A starter in my eyes in Week 1. LG is locked up as Chris K is a beast. We had a awkward rotation at RG and I think we should lock that up with a solid second round pick here. He has good drive blocking skills, great feet and is quick off the ball ( Quotes from Scout.com)

Round 3: Pat Angerer ILB Iowa: I know everyone noticed how James Farrior is slowing down. I wish we didnt age at all!! Its time to start grooming his replacement. Has good size and speed to play the ILB position. If you sit for a year or so and learn behind a great LB like James Farrior then you shouldn't miss a beat on the defensive side of the ball.

Round 4: Joe Mcknight RB USC: IF IF IF he falls this far, this would definitely be a steal. Everyone is going to miss the prescence of FWP as he leaves via Free Agency. Mcknight has the same size and attributes of FWP. Very explosive player. Plus we need someone to spell Mendenhall every once in a while.

Round 5: Ryan Perrilloux, Jacksonville State QB: As we draft the replacement for Big Ben.....im kidding! Only threw 2 Interceptions this season. Charlie Batch will not be retained. Dennis Dixon is definitely a solid #2 QB in this league. Definitely adding depth and the QB position is nice.

Round 6: Freddie Barnes WR Bowling Green: Though his offense inflated his numbers, they're still fun to look at: 155 receptions, 1,770 yards and 19 touchdowns. ( WalterFootball.com). With 155 receptions... Means he can catch and hold onto the ball. Speaking of which. How is Limas Sweed coming along?

Round 7: Jeff Cottam TE Tennessee: 6'8'' 280lbs. Monster blocker. Would definitely look good in a 2 TE set with Mendenhall running behind him. Not a Catcher with only 3 catches all season.

So Give me some feed back as this is my first Steelers Mock Draft ever. Thanks Guys and Gals!!! enjoy!