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02-12-2010, 02:04 PM
The Burgh is an enchanted kingdom unto itself with its own unique vernacular, bordering on language. OK, its at least a dialect. For those of us that don't live in the Burgh, can we get Burghers to weigh in with their favorite Pittsburghese? There are some sites out there, but what better than to hear it from the real folks?

A few of my favorites...

"Oh Mi-laundry" - Oh my gosh!. Oh mi- laundry, were those fireworks great (n'at) (Submitted by Craig, Trafford)

Can a corn - Something easy. Comes from longtime Pirate broadcaster Bob Prince describing high fly balls. (Submitted by Dave Goga, Rochester, NY)

N’at – And that – oddity added to anything being discussed. Like “Eggs n’at” means breakfast… http://www.eggsnat.com/

Cheese and Crackers - WOW!. Cheese and Crackers, dat jag off almost hit my car over der! (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando Florida) Please note that “jag off” is P’ese for “jerk off”.

Dahn-a Shtrip - (Going to) the Strip. Wear goin' dahn-a shtrip fer some rill good food. (Submitted by Greg Jena, Pittsburgh) Lydia’s is in da shtrip.

Dahnareena - Down to the Civic Arena. Yinz goin' dahnareena ta watch 'em Penguins? (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA) Alternatively Dahnigloo

Dahnnarox - McKees Rocks. To get there, follow West Carson past West End and Esplen. (Submitted by Ken Connors, Homestead)

Dwonzees - Donzi's. Yinz goin' dahn Dwonzees en at?! Get aht! (Submitted by Holly, Up 'ere in da Nort'ills)

Does Hornes tell Kaufmann's their business? - None of your business. I aint telling yinz about it, Does Hornes tell Kaumann's their business? (Submitted by Connie, Pittsburgh)

Don't cut no ice - Unbelievable. A flimsy excuse. "Yer story don't cut no ice." (Submitted by Donna Levin, Annapolis, MD)

Drip dropin - A light rain. We can go aht now, it's just drip dropin. (Submitted by Saralyn Seiler, Deltona, Fl)

Gets da steppin - 'Hurry up. Gets da steppin', we're gonna be late! (Submitted by Jim Long, Pittsburgh)

Half in two - Cut something in half. I cut the sammiches half in two for yinz. (Submitted by Geanan Murtha, Bridgewater)

Heat ups - Left overs. We are having heat up tonight for supper. (Submitted by Dorothy Johnson, Racine, Ohio)

Jine Iggle - Giant Eagle supermarket. Git me some jumbo dahn at Jine Iggle!! (Submitted by Leslie Jones, Coral Springs, FL) Just as the Eagles are called the “Iggles”.

Meechinsdahnair - I will meet you down there. I actually said this to my best friend and he had NO clue as to what I was saying! (Submitted by Jamie Kloos, Cory, PA)

Mm-ah - Odd phrase uttered by sportscaster Myron Cope. Mm-ah -- dis is Myrn Cope on sports (Submitted by Joshua Thimons, Allison Park, PA)

Da Mon - Monongahela River. One of the three majestic rivers running through the 'Burgh. "All dat rain flooded da Mon again'n da Point's unner three feeta worter." (Submitted by Nicole Kemerer, Chicago, IL)

Nebby - Nosy or curious. Dat nebby lady asks too many questions. (Submitted by Melissa Ruffo, Hudson, MA)

Openda light - To turn on a lighting fixture in the room. Open da light -- I can't find my arn! (Submitted by Gary Callen, Idaho Falls, ID)

Conversely, Shutda light - Turn off the light. Uhm tahrd, shutda light. (Submitted by Erin and Josh, Worshingtun Jeffersun Cawwedge)

Or whatever n’at, ya know? - The proper ending to a statement. We went dahnna sahside and hadda couple Ahrns or whatever n’at ya know? (Submitted by Tony Nicola, Nashville, TN)

Up Street - Forbes and Murray Avenues. We're goin' Up Street to go shoppin' and get some Mineos pizza and some arn. (Submitted by J.E. Rash, Beford, VA) Alternatively “Over street”.

What the cobb - What happened. What the cobb went on in here yinz two? (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando Florida)

Yizzel - You will. Yizzle hafta waid onnat pizza; Dey just turned onny oven. (Submitted by Bob Crispen, Decatur, AL)

Yoy, yoy, n double yoy! - Famous phrase by (Steeler sportscaster) Myron Cope. (Submitted by Bob Pavlakovic, East Pittsburgh) This is pronounced in the native tongue “Ghyoy, Ghyoy n doppgh-l Ghyoy!”

Ye-mee – You know what I mean – Conversation is punctuated by ye-mee.

From http://www.pittsburghese.com/

02-12-2010, 02:18 PM
:jawdrop: Thank God I don't partake of the "Pittsburghese". :horror: I've lived here the majority of my life and the only things I catch myself saying once in a while are "nebshit" and "dahntahn". :chuckle:

We call bologna "jumbo", Iron City beer :yuck: - an "Arn", and when a person's "fly" is unzipped, we say "your Kennywood's open". :laughing:

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02-12-2010, 04:14 PM
Redd up as well. And Warshing the dishes lol. My grandma was big on those ones.

02-12-2010, 06:10 PM
Redd up as well. And Warshing the dishes lol. My grandma was big on those ones.

:laughing: My late husband used to say "Mt. Warshington" and a guy I used to date said "sammiches" and "Pixburg". I wanted to punch him in the head.

02-12-2010, 07:01 PM
I wanted to punch him in the head.

Ah, romance.


Polamalu Princess
02-12-2010, 07:17 PM
Crick and not creek!

02-12-2010, 07:24 PM
Crick and not creek!

Except for the word "crick" you would never know my wife has lived in Pittsburgh her entire life. Thankfully. :chuckle:

tony hipchest
02-12-2010, 08:24 PM
what i hate is when 'pittsburghese' is overemphasized to the point of sounding fake.

but one accent ive heard from almost everyone from pgh is along the lines of "dahntahn" (i dont hear the H).

when i say "mouse" it is MOWSE. house = HOWSE.

from burghers ive noticed it more pronounced as MAUS or HAUS/HASS

i guess its the elimination of the W.

i also noticed lots of "worsh" instead of WASH.

but other than a typical accent or dialect, "yunz" (i still spell it old school) is original unto itself. i would pick it up every summer i spent there and it would take a few weeks after arriving back home to get back to normal. kids in school thought i was crazy.

growing up in the southwest (including so cal and az), i would say i speak "hollywood normal" with no dialect or accent at all, but have been told by easterners i have a slight tex/mex twang. :hunch:

the thought of sounding remotely like a texan is quite disturbing. those guys sound like fools. :chuckle:

02-13-2010, 02:42 PM
To me a definative trait of Pittsburghese is not actually saying sentences. It's just one long word.

Instead of ''Hi How are you doing today''
it has to be ''HiHaw'ryewwdewnn''

02-13-2010, 03:10 PM
i also noticed lots of "worsh" instead of WASH.

lol. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the sentence:

"My car needs worshed"

02-13-2010, 03:14 PM
To me a definative trait of Pittsburghese is not actually saying sentences. It's just one long word.

Instead of ''Hi How are you doing today''
it has to be ''HiHaw'ryewwdewnn''

Like "Gazinta" on the surface, a mathematical term used in division. 4 gazinta 12 tree times. But I've heard folks say "Ahdunno da gazintas uvit". Translation - "I don't know the particulars". AND, I've just come to learn "gazinta" also has "other" meanings. How things connect as in the plug, and as a euphemism for...“Hey, baby. Come on over tonight and we’ll play some gazinta.” Who knew? :noidea:

And "Bowchyins", meaning both of you. Hey, bowchyins go'n dahn da SLACKS-N-NAT?

And "Choobinuptoo" meaning "What have you been up to." "Cupple Tree" - Two or three.

"Hainapposa" - Shouldn't (ain't supposed to). Yinz hainapposa be aht, yinzer sick.

We call bologna "jumbo"

Less yinz knew dat, ye'd have no clue what "Jeez, molahta jumbo!" meant. "Molahta" - I'm all out of...:noidea:

02-15-2010, 11:14 AM
Injury = nicked up, banged up.

Shrub/bush with prickley spines and/or leaves = Jagger bush.

"I got all banged up when he pushed me into dat jagger bush."


Another one is the use of the word igonrant. (ig-nurnt)

"Don't be ignorant." or "That was ignorant."


Chipped Ham and City chicken


Allergayney Whitefish :wink02: :chuckle:

02-15-2010, 08:13 PM
I still use the word "Nebshit", also..To my fiancee "Have you been nebshitting thru my things?" I can usually tell when I'm redding up the place.

02-16-2010, 02:26 PM
This was brought to my attention by a friend...

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More references...