View Full Version : Mine-Busting ‘Breachers’ Join Marjah Assault

urgle burgle
02-12-2010, 02:25 PM
now this stuff is badass......

like a combination ACE (armored combat earthmover) and the MICLIC (mine clearing line charge) to breach mines and obstacles. wish i had this when i was in......i had to be a ACE squad leader for awhile (biggest pieces of crap ever made....hydraulic nightmare)......so much better than trying to do a manual breach or better the the other types of mechanized breaches. funny thing is the Army got the ACE from the Marine Corps after they knew it was crap and didnt work for their purposes. but in the Army's great wisdom they decided to take it, use it completely for stuff it wanst mean for, and complain when they are deadlined forever.....funny..