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02-13-2010, 02:06 AM
I've been lurking and read a lot of the draft posts, but never posted before. Wanted to run a mock by everyone.

My thinking is to address needs at NT, DE, FS, CB, C, OG, ILB, OLB, OT, FB. The other thing I'm considering is the dropoff between the person chosen in a particular round and the next suitable choice. I have a hard time going CB in round 1 because there seems to be a huge tier of Rd 1 - Rd 3 guys (wilson, robinson, ghee, jackson, arenas, etc) and no one at 18 seems to be a sure bet, although Wilson wouldn't be horrible. I also pass on Earl Thomas because there's a good chance that Nate Allen would be around in Rd 2, and worst case, Burnett or Rolle would be there in Rd 3. Iupati was looking less than stellar at the Senior Bowl, so I'm not that excited about him, even though he is a clear #1 guard.

So, without more ado....

Round 1
Dan Williams, NT... Played well and was a force at the Senior Bowl. Good size, and I'm much more comfortable with him than reaching for Troup or Thomas in the 2nd. Thomas in the 3rd would be ok.

Round 2
Maurkice Pouncey, C.... I've seen him projected first round some places, but hopefully he'll be there at our pick in Rd 2. He would be a great anchor for the line, and I think more than any other position except Iupati at G, he's a much better fit than the next possible selection (tennant/walton).

Round 3
Morgan Burnett, FS... He's projected to possibly go Round 2, so maybe Rolle would go here, but either would be a decent complement to Troy.

Round 4
Alex Carrington, DE... Tougher choice here, but he seems to be collecting a lot of buzz at the moment. He's a big boy, and would be a good pairing to Ziggy.

Round 5a
Alterraun Verner, CB... Given that there are so many CBs in this draft, I think Verner would make it this far and would be an upgrade. Possibly move him into Round 4 or go with the IUP guy Owusu-Ansah here.

Round 5b
John Jerry, G.... Good place to pick up some competition for Urbik. If we pick up him and Pouncey, I'd be happy with the interior of the line.

Round 5c
Dorin Dickerson, FB/TE... I like his versatility. I'd like to get more of a blocker, but he could create a lot of problems for defenses.

Round 6
Koa Misi, OLB... Sounds like a great athlete that can be groomed to be ready in a few years. Others to consider would be Sheffield and Cole.

Round 7a
Boris Lee, ILB... Not getting a lot of press, but very productive player who would come in with something to prove.

Round 7b
Trindon Holliday, KR/RB... That 40 time is just crazy. If he could learn to catch a screen pass, he'd cause a lot of headaches.

So, curious if the round projections are reasonable or if there are negative reports on these guys. I tried to find room for Sean Lee, as I'd like to see him as a Steeler, but couldn't make it work.

If Williams was gone, I'd probably go with Earl Thomas, stay with Pouncey in the 2nd, then hope for Cam Thomas/Troup/Geno Atkins in 3.

02-13-2010, 03:37 AM
Good mock Atlee

My breakdown is:

#1 Dan Williams - great pick if Casey walks
#2 Maurkice Pouncey - Sensational pick IMO (awesome value at this pick and will be have a long career in the middle of the line)
#3 Morgan Burnett - I would actually think he is good value in the 2nd rd but I would not take him in front of Pouncey. Need a FS in a big way

Great first 3 picks.:thumbsup:

Carrington, Verner, Jerry, Dickerson, Lee and Holliday are all good picks with good value.

Misi is undervalued. He will move up into the 3rd. He would be an awesome OLB in the steeler system.

Like the draft - good job with the picks and where you have them, :drink:

02-13-2010, 05:50 AM
Good job...I enjoy everyones excitement at this stage in the drafting process!!!!

A breakdown of your picks:

1) Dan Williams, NT... Great pick in the first round (predicated on Hampton leaving.) I would like for us to grab the BPA out of whatever NT/CB/FS/OT is on the board.

2)Maurkice Pouncey, C.... I wouldnt be dissapointed to draft Pouncy here...but I do think that JD Walton is a legit Man-Blocking OC that we could get in the 3rd of 4th if Pouncey is gone.

3) Morgan Burnett, FS... I think that Burnett could slid to the middle of the 3rd...maybe. Not a bad pick but I might consider a 2nd/3rd combo of FS Nate Allen/OC JD Walton.

4) Alex Carrington, DE... Though I think we have bigger needs..I LOVE this pick. I have been pimping Carrington sionce the beginning of his senior year. legit 3-4 DE who may be more of an early to mid 3rd rounder.

5) Alterraun Verner, CB... Again...maybe a little undervalued, and might be gone by the end of the 3rd...same with Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, whom I expect to "WOW" scouts after his shoulder is better. In the 5th round I show the best value to be Myron Lewis of Vanderbilt. At 6'2 and 205 lb....if he runs in the 4.4's at the combine he would be a great pick. Good hands and pretty good tackler (lets hope he slides under the radar)

5th) John Jerry, G.... Good talent but projected to be gone by the middle of the 3rd round. (I think he may eventually by tagged as the second best guard in this draft and will be gone by the end of the second round.)

5th) Dorin Dickerson, FB/TE... Not sold on this pick for a couple of reasons. First, I dont see a FB being drafted at all since Summers should be back...and second, at 6'1" 222 lbs he doesnt have the size to be a TE or FB for us.

6th) Koa Misi, OLB...WAY undervalued...probably gone by the beginning of the third round.

7) Boris Lee, ILB...Nice pick as a 7th rounder, worth a shot and not much of a gamble..very productive at Troy.

7) Trindon Holliday, KR/RB........5'5" 162 lbs ....He is promising to run in the 4.2's at the combine. If he keeps that promise, and taking into consideration that he was a legitimate factor at the senior bowl....he may be gone by the end of the 5th round.

02-16-2010, 11:10 AM
This draft is a solid A... great players at positions that we definitely need.!!!!!!!!.... but.... because most of them are very solid players I'm convinced that most will simply not be available in the rounds when we pick.

02-16-2010, 01:55 PM

Thanks for the feedback. After going to a few more sites, I'm starting to realize that some of my picks were way off. Especially Misi... did not realize he was so popular. But Pouncey and Carrington are fairly wishful picks as well. I'll work on this a bit more, and maybe do something after the combine.

02-16-2010, 02:00 PM

Thanks for the feedback. After going to a few more sites, I'm starting to realize that some of my picks were way off. Especially Misi... did not realize he was so popular. But Pouncey and Carrington are fairly wishful picks as well. I'll work on this a bit more, and maybe do something after the combine.

I enjoyed your mock. We have quite a few "draftniks" on this site...and we love to throw thoughts around. I personally think that nfldraftscout.com does the best job of keeping up on where prospects might be drafted. But that's just an opinion.