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03-02-2010, 06:14 PM
It's that it pushes work-out warriors up a bit (some quite a bit) and pushes quality players who just don't have the eye-popping measuables down a bit. For instance the following players will most likely be on some lists that we'll all check out over the next few weeks saying that they had a horrible combine and that their draft stock is falling as a result.

While I say that this is a good thing because we usually don't place much stock in 40 times like Al Davis does or just drafting O-lineman or D-lineman like the Eagles do... we place a premium on what players do in the season and how they interview. The following players may drop as a result of the combine, but I think that that gives us a chance to draft some quality players later on in the draft!!!!!!!

Myron Rolle - 4.68 forty time and many will continue to question his desire to play
Micah Johnson - 4.99 forty time. We'll have to check out that knee, but I think that he still have some ligering affects of that injury.
Perrish Cox - 4.53 forty time. May push him into the 3rd and allow us to go LB and O-line in the 1st and 2nd.
Donovan Warren - 4.59 forty time. Same as Perrish Cox
Kyle Calloway - 5.51 forty time. Who the f##k cares about a forty time from an O-lineman! This guy is very solid and can play OT and OG.
Ciron Black - 5.49 forty time. See Calloway.
Jason Fox - I don't think he's at the combine, but remember the buzz going on about this guy at the end of the season and now....crickets. Have to check his ticker and knee though!!!
Barry Church -4.68 forty time. Below average measurables,above average production
Arthur Jones - See Jason Fox..Jones had injury as well..but the potential.:thumbsup:

So while I ageee with most that the combine is a waste in regards to seeing who jumps the farthest or runs the fastest or bench presses the most... it does get a lot of teams wet in the pants and that will push some quality players down to us. And while I wouldn't argue for a whole draft made up of players that bit the dust in the combine, I wouldn't be mad if we took at least one or two of the aforementioned guys at need positions for us.

Northside Jonny
03-02-2010, 06:37 PM
The Combine is just another way for the NFL to advertise itself to the world. Pretty smart if you ask me