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I decided to wait until the final 2 days before the big dance to post the final 2 of 3 parts. Part 4 today, Part 5 tommorrow... Anyways..

Week 14 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Chicago Bears
On a cold, snowy snowy day in Pittsburgh, the Steelers hosted the best defense in the league in Chicago. On this day, Pittsburgh looked to prove that Chicago was not the best defense. Hines Ward continued on a spectacular season, grabbing another TD to open up the scoring, when Ben Roethlisberger tossed him a 14 yard pass. Robbie Gould closed out the scoring in Quarter 1 on a 29 yard field goal, making it 7-3 after 1 for Pittsburgh. In the 2nd Quarter, Jerome Bettis had the lone score making it 14-3 at half-time when he scored on a 1 yard run. Pittsburgh was looking good at half-time, and showing they could play with this defense. After the half, Pittsburgh scored their final points, and it was by Bettis again, when he ran in a Touchdown from 5 yards out this time, making it 21-3 for the Steelers. Chicago attempted a battle back in the 4th quarter, but they made only one score, from Thomas Jones on a 1 yard carry. Chicago kicker Robbie Gould missed the extra point, and thus made the score 21-9. No scoring would be made again, and 21-9 was the final score from Pittsburgh. The Steelers remained 2 games behind the Bengals after the victory, and were coming into must win situations, if they wanted a shot at the division title.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 21 Chicago 9
Record - 8-5

Week 15 - Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings
For the second straight week, not only did Pittsburgh play an NFC conference team, but they played an NFC North division team for the 2nd week in a row. Looking to make it a perfect 3-0 against the North, with one mroe game vs Detroit coming, Pittsburgh travelled to the Metrodome in Minnesota. In the first quarter, little scoring was made. Both kickers switched 3 points, with Jeff Reed scoring first on a 21 yard field goal. 10 minutes later, Paul Edinger added his field goal from 20 yards out, making it 3-3 after 1 quarter of play. Pittsburgh took the 2nd quarter, and half-time lead 10-3 when Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger ran one in from 3 yards out. Pittsburgh on top at half-time, 10-3. Pittsburgh had the only scoring from the 2nd quarter on, after half-time they came out, and Jeff Reed added 2 more field goals, making a total of 3 on the day. The lengths of the field goals were 41, and 26 yards. After 3 quarters it was 16-3 Pittsburgh. Early in the 4th quarter, 3:15 in, Minnesota was pinned in their own end, and Larry Foote sacked Brad Johnson in the endzone for a safety, capping off the scoring, and making it 18-3. Pittsbrugh improved to 3-0 against the NFC, and won another game, keeping the Bengal lead at 2 games. However, Pittsburgh needed Cincinnati to lose, to have a chance at the division, and they defeated Detroit 41-17.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 18 Minnesota 3
Record - 9-5

Week 16 - Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
On the road again, and in a must win situation, not only for a hope at the division, but for a hope at the playoffs. If the Steelers lost to the Browns, their playoff chances would take a serious blow. Pittsburgh wouldn't get off ship, and dominated the entire game, but was it enough to win? Scoring started off 6 minutes in, Jerome Bettis scored on a 2 yard run, and Pittsburgh had the early lead 7-0. 4 minutes after Bettis made it 7-0, Hines Ward caught a 7 yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger, and that made it 14-0 Steelers after 1 quarter, and looking good for the outset of the game. Scoring slowed down a tiny bit, but not a whole lot in the 2nd quarter. Once again, all the scoring done by Pittsburgh. Jeff Reed chipped in 2 field goals of 26, and 31 yards, giving Pittsburgh a 20-0 shutout lead at half-time. After the half, it was "Fast" Willie Parker taking Pittsburgh to the endzone, when he ran 80 yards to the house, giving Pittsburgh a 27-0 lead, midway through quarter number 3. Verron Haynes capped off the 3rd quarter, scoring from 15 yards out, making it 34-0 after 3 quarters, and a shutout still looming for Pittsburgh. The Touchdown by Haynes, gave all three running backs in the lineup for Pittsbrugh a touchdown on the day. Charlie Batch came in, in the 4th quarter, and he passed a 31 yard touchdown pass to Quincy Morgan, making the score 41-0. In the final minute, Cleveland drove down the field, and attempted to ruin a shutout. Tight End Aaron Shea caught a pass at the Pittsburgh 3 yard line, and turned around, looking to get in the endzone, when out of nowhere Larry Foote cranked Shea to the ground, giving anyone a headache next morning. The clock wound out, and the Pittsburgh Steelers shutout the Cleveland Browns. Now all's Pittsburgh had to do was beat Detroit in Week 17, and they would make the playoffs... A task that seemed more difficult than pondered, since it was "just" Detroit.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 41 Cleveland 0
Record - 10-5

Week 17 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions
Needing to defeat the Detroit Lions in Week 17, or have Kansas City lose to Cincinnati was what Pittsburgh needed to have for them to earn a playoff berth. Kansas City beat Cincinnati 37-3. Pittsburgh looked flawless right off the bat, barely 1 minute into the contest, Antwaan Randle El returned a punt 81 yards for a touchdown, giving the Steelers and their nation a 7-0 lead early. Being down 7 points early wouldn't fool Detroit though, they battled right back and scored 4 mintues later, when TE Marcus Pollard caught an 11 yard touchdown from Joey Harrington, making it 7-7. Detroit came right back, and scored again, on a 1 yard touchdown pass from Harrington to Schlesinger, making it 14-7 Detroit. This had the Steeler nation pondering a little bit, but the Steelers wouldn't let their fans quiet down. Jerome Bettis scored from 1 yard out, and made it 14-14 after 1 quarter of play in Pittsburgh. Bettis scored the lone touchdown in the 2nd quarter as well, this time from 5 yards out. Pittsburgh had a lead at 21-14, and it was much closer than many had indicated.. especially considering Pittsbrugh shutout Cleveland 41-0 the previous week. Jerome Bettis scored yet again, this one to start the 3rd quarter. He ran in a 4 yard touchdown this time, widening the lead to 28-14. Detroit didn't want it to get anymore larger of a deficit, and Roy Williams caught an amazing 3rd touchdown pass from Joey Harrington, something he rarely does. This made it 28-21. With no scoring occuring in the 4th quarter, the final score of the day came in the late 3rd, when Ben Roethlisberger capped off a Steeler win, and a playoff berth, on a 7 yard touchdown run.
FINAL SCORE - Pittsburgh 35 Detroit 21
Record - 11-5 (2nd, AFC North.. 6th, AFC)

And so it was set.. A division rival to kick off wildcard weekend, Pittsburgh travelled to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals..

Part 5 tommorrow, and Part 6, the Super Bowl game on Monday. Enjoy.

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