View Full Version : reppin' the 'burgh in Dallas

tony hipchest
03-05-2010, 03:14 PM
i alway represent when i go out of town. i went to "Twin Peaks" (kinda like Hooters) last monday in dallas wearing a polamalu jersey.

the waitress saw it under my coat and asked if i was a steelersfan. i said "why, is that allowed in here?" she replies "oh yeah, i thought if you were you might like this"-

she showed me a picture on her cellphone of her and another hot friend posing with big ben who they had met in dallas clubbing for their "mardi gras' celebration a few weeks ago.

then another waitress called at me from behind the bar to tell me he was her favorite player and how much she loved his hair.

then an older gentelman tapped me on the shoulder on his way to the restroom, and said "great shirt... great team".

this was all in the 1st 15 minutes and left me wondering where all the cowboys fans were. :thumbsup:

oh, the next time the waitress came to serve me i told her i had a question. i said that ben kinda has a reputation as kind of a jerk and a....

"man wh0re?" she replied.

i asked how he treated her. she said he was fine with her but was kinda rude to her friend after she mispronounced his name. :chuckle: she must not have had 'twin peaks".