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03-05-2010, 11:26 PM
CantonRep.com staff report
Posted Mar 05, 2010 @ 07:57 PM
Last update Mar 05, 2010 @ 08:01 PM

School officials stepped forward Friday in a bid to quash rumors of fights and racial tension at GlenOak High School.

A fight at the school Wednesday morning spawned the rumors, which students quickly spread by using text messages, Twitter, Facebook and other social network systems, school officials said.

Rumors told of several fights and other potential problems among students. According to one posting, a “race war” has been declared at the high school.

That’s not the case, school officials said Friday. No other related incidents were reported Thursday or Friday, school officials said.

“We are extremely proud of our student body and celebrate the diversity within our schools and our community,” Plain Local Superintendent Christopher Smith said in a statement. “We are disappointed that the actions of a few students, and false, misleading rumors spread by others, has caused people to question the excellent reputation of our district, students, staff and community.”

The statement was posted on the district’s Web site, and distributed to staff, parents and community members who have signed up to receive messages via e-mail.

The fight Wednesday occurred at about 11 a.m. Three students — two white and one black — were involved.

“Unfortunately, this isolated incident included the use of racial slurs and threats by the offending parties,” Smith’s statement said.

School officials and the school resource officer — a Stark County sheriff’s deputy — are investigating the fight. Students have been charged with disorderly conduct, and face disciplinary action through the school district, according to the statement.

GlenOak Principal Mark Black on Thursday reminded students that fighting won’t be tolerated. Black told students that school “is a place for learning and collaboration, not for senseless fighting and petty rumors,” according to Smith’s statement.

Administrators and staff were stationed in halls, entrances and open spaces in the building, and additional school employees and sheriff deputies were in the parking lot after school. Students were asked not to loiter in the parking lots after school.

Smith stated student safety and security are of utmost importance. “No one should feel unsafe in our school buildings or on our grounds,” he said in the statement.


Ok, now I have graduated from this school. They have been unwilling to admit the race problem for a while now. I remember in like 06, they have some issues with one race group threating to bring guns to school, after finding a racist note. You have kids dropping the "N" bomb left and right, same with calling people cracker and everything else. Maybe this will be an eye opener for this school, rather than worrying about one way hallways and no hoodies in class.