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03-08-2010, 11:53 AM
The names Don, from Dayton, OH, too close to the Bengals. I bleed black n gold thanks to my older brothers who have always been Steelers fans. I get the bandwagon card pulled a lot bc I live close to Cincy, but I've been a Steelers fans since I can remember. Never miss a game, my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Jamaica during the Vikings game this past year and I made sure to find a TV that had the game on down there :) So anyways, glad to be here, GO STEELERS!! :tt04:

P.S. My wife converted from being a Bengals fan to a Steelers fan after a year of being with me bc she learned more about the Steelers bc of me then she ever knew about the Benglas her whole life :) She gets a lot of crap for it, but she converted in the Bengals best year in awhile and didn't go back so shes definetly a Steelers fan now, God Bless her! Plus, thanks mostly to me, she has a lot of Steelers gear now, almost as much as me lol

Nadroj 20
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Welcome to SteelersFever!! :wave: glad to have ya

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Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy. :smile:

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Welcome aboard !

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Welcome & enjoy.

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Welcome to the board.