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tony hipchest
03-11-2010, 10:31 PM
*yes, i know there is no cap, so spare me the details*

information on the steelers salaries, and cap hits has been awfully hard to find the past 2-3 years.

this chart at steelersdepot looks pretty good though-

Steelers 2010 Salary Cap & State Of The Roster


It is that time of year again. All of the tenders and tags have been assigned and at midnight Thursday, free agency begins for the NFL. It is time for a look at the 2010 roster of players under contract or tender offer and a look at the projected 2010 Steelers salary cap numbers. At this time, there will be no salary cap for the 2010 season, but the Steelers have said regardless that they intend to treat the season as if there were one in place. The only questionable player below is Patrick Bailey, as he was an exclusive rights free agent and no word has come out about his status. I do however think he will be signed to the minimum and retained, but regardless, we should know for sure in a few days. With Bailey figured in, the Steelers total cap charge total is $116,067,000.00, but this number is deceiving in the offseason as the teams general use the rule of 51, which is the total of the top 51 contracts on the roster. To the best of my calculations, that number is $112,077,000.00. Right now I have the Steelers with 63 players either under contract or tendered/tagged. I also included in the table below, the age, experience and final year of the players current contract. This page will serve as the official starting point going forward for the Steelers 2010 roster and salary cap info.

Updated: 3/9/10 to reflect the Arnaz Battle, Will Allen and Jonathan Scott contracts. Rule of 51 total at $114,072,000.00. Ryan Clark and Antwaan Randle El contract number still coming in.

Updated: 3/10/10 to reflect the Ryan Clark and Antwaan Randle El contracts. Rule of 51 total at $118,197,000.00 with 68 players accounted for

things of note-

according to the chart, the steelers would be at $124,000,000 towards the cap (if you count all 68). last year we were maxed out at like $127 mil. if there were a cap in place this year, it would probably be about $136- $140 mil. it sounds too good to be true.

i was suprised to see we are in this good of shape, especially considering all the big money extensions we have given out the past 2 years. things definitely look good for woodley and holmes, yet i havent seen a recent comprehensive chart that projects all the years/cap hits for each individual players contracts.

unfortunately this chart also doesnt show last years base salaries and total cap hits vs. this years.

biggest 2010 savings- we have rid ourselves of the dead money/salaries of m. smith and k. simmons. willie parkers contract is expired, and ward is no longer costing 8 mil/year. starks is actually cheaper too. the extension of hampton is pretty much a wash.

biggest increases-

ben goes up to $12 mil
troy- $8
miller doubles but is still cheap at $4.6
ike taylor is $6.5 which is still relatively cheap considering he is the one the rooneys always go to when it comes time to restructure.

again i cant vouch for these numbers, and it is just a baseline. i am still suprised we wouldnt have much cutting to do if a cap were in place.

randle el- $1.7 mil base salary with a total $2 mil cap hit. :jawdrop:

i think there will be plenty of teams willing to take on sweeds $800,000 cap hit if (now looks more like when) he is traded/released.

03-12-2010, 02:28 AM
Last year we were nowhere close to maxed out. We were like $5-$6 million under the cap and we sat on it. Maybe even more than that, because I don't know whether it counts Ward's restructuring. Going into this year, we would've been something like $20 million under the cap with three guys to re-sign, one of whom (Reed) by definition cost us less than $3M. We were in good shape.