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tony hipchest
03-17-2010, 06:42 PM
cool. my grandma worked there (and retired after 25 years) as a janitor. i can remember everytime i visited looking up at the 4 beacon lights to tell the predicted weather. she gave me her gold gulf pins awarded after 10 and 20 years of service (and a ton of office supplies when they were sold in '86).


In honor of the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and the many Irish people of Pittsburgh, the beacon of Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower will be lit in green on St. Patrick’s Day.

“It is a tremendous source of pride for the Irish of our City to have Dan Rooney serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland,” said Aaron Stauber, President, Rugby Realty Co, Inc, owners of the Gulf Tower. “During this celebration, we wanted to honor him and the many hard working Irish people of Pittsburgh by creating a green beacon on the tower on St. Patrick’s Day.” The tower will be lit from dusk on Wednesday, March 17 until dawn on Thursday, March 18.

“When the Gulf Tower was built in 1932, many Irish steelworkers were part of that effort. I think it’s wonderful that the Tower will be lit green in honor of the many Irish families who live in our great City,” said Dan Rooney, who was formally named U.S. Ambassador to Ireland by President Barack Obama on St. Patrick’s Day 2009 and sworn in on July 1, 2009. “The people of the City of Pittsburgh have been tremendously supportive of my work in Ireland and my wife Pat and I are grateful for the many good wishes we have received.”

In the 1970’s, Mr. Rooney helped found the American Ireland Fund, an organization that has raised millions for advocacy of peace and education in Ireland.


Owned by 110 Gulf Associates, L.P., an affiliated entity of Rugby Realty, The Gulf Tower is one of the major distinctive and recognizable features of downtown Pittsburgh. The building was the world headquarters for the Gulf Oil Corporation, which was one of the leading multinational oil companies of its time. In 1984, Gulf and Chevon took part in the world’s largest merger to that time. Completed in 1932, The Gulf Tower has 44 floors and rises 582 feet above downtown Pittsburgh. The Rugby Realty partners purchased the building from Gulf Oil in 1986, re-positioning it into a Class “A” multi-tenanted office building while simultaneously restoring the building to its original historic beauty.

03-17-2010, 07:40 PM
That's pretty neat. :yep: