View Full Version : adopt a steeler?

03-30-2010, 02:48 AM
i dont know if you guys have anything like that here but on another board im on we have an adopt a player type thing..... its fun cos you get to adopt your favourite player and we make a heap of banners for each player so u can show them off in your sigs etc.

this is what we had last year (disregard the dates etc)

4. Although this will be first come, first served, there will be a “weighted” decision if an active member and a casual member ask for the same Steeler.
5. Choices for Adopt-A-Steeler will be made from the training camp roster, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and a few extra.
6. Disputes are not allowed, but if a concern comes about, it will be handled fairly and without prejudice.
7. Only rostered players, coaching staff, cheerleaders and exec staff for 2009 will be adopted.
8. No more than 2 members per player and only 1 for everything else.

You may make your request effective immediately and through the Final Cut Deadline of September 5th. No requests will be taken thereafter. There will be, however, a supplemental selection after the final roster cuts in order to accommodate anyone who had a player cut.

any thoughts?