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03-30-2010, 04:09 PM
I decided to give a try at it. Let me know what you think!!! I accept all criticisms lol.

St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford QB: Every team needs a quarterback with potential. Marc Bulger is done.

Detroit Lions - Russell Okung OT: 50 Million dollar QB needs good Protection.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ndamukong Suh DT: No explanation needed lol

Washington Redskins - Bruce Campbell OT: All teams start on either side of the line. Jason Campbell spent way too much time running for his life last season.

Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry S: Nothing wrong with a ball hawk in your secondary.

Seattle Seahawks - Trent Williams OT: Start rebuiling the team in the right area.

Cleveland Browns - Gerald McCoy DT: If he's here they will take him. He can play either area of your DL.

Oakland Raiders - Bryan Bulaga OT: Al Davis makes a pick that makes sense!!!

Buffalo Bills - Jimmy Clausen QB: None of the QB's on the roster have shown any signs of promise. A fresh start for a new Head Coach

Jacksonville Jaguars- Joe Haden CB: They'll go for the best player available. There defense hasn't looked good in a while.

Denver Broncos- Dan Williams NT: Jamaal Williams isnt gonna stay healthy for more then 4 games. Mark my words.

Miami Dolphins- Carlos Dunlap DE: Complete athletic freak. They lost Joey Porter and Jason Taylor. They need a pass rusher.

San Francisco 49ers- Earl Thomas S: The secondary out there is very suspect. They need a play maker on the defensive side of the ball

Seattle Seahawks- Sean Weatherspoom LB- They drafted Aaron Curry last year who plays OLB. Now they can get a monster for the ILB postion.

New York Giants - Rolando McClain LB- They have no ILB. Fill the need immediately!!!

Tennesee Titans- Dez Bryant WR- WR's back to back years?? Yes indeed. Kenny Britt is definitely going to be good. Nate Washington is a good deep threat. Dez brings a whole different dynamic to the offense.

San Francisco 49ers - Mike Iupati OG - They need to protect the QB more and open up holes for Frank Gore.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Wilson CB - Very gifted athletically. Should start week 1. WE do have 2 young corners on the roster as well. I lost hope with that dropped interception against Oakland.... =( lol

Atlanta Falcons - CJ Spiller RB - Surprised? Yeah.. well they said that they aren't going to try to kill Michael Turner this year. Get someone to spell him at times. He can also return Punts and Kicks.

Houston Texans - Brandon Graham DE - Mario on one side. Brandon and his motor on the other. Pass Rush....

Cincinatti Bengals - Jahvid Best RB - Lost Larry Johnson. Cedric Benson is a good ball carrier. Best can be a good change of pace back at times.

New England Patriots - Jermaine Gresham TE - Another toy for Brady.

Green Bay Packers - Rodger Saffold OT- Aaron Rodgers was sacked way too much to have that dynamic offense at his finger tips. Keep him upright and watch that team fly!

Philadelphia Eagles - Sergio Kendle OLB/DE - Good pass rusher. Very raw talent. I was tempted to put Tebow here just to keep the QB contriversy going :chuckle:

Baltimore Ravens - Devin McCourty CB - The secondary is very young. They can also have talent on the back end of the defense.

Arizona Cardinals - Taylor Mays S - Yes. They lost Antrel Rolle. So fill the void. He can't catch but he hits like a mad man.

San Diego Chargers - Ryan Matthews RB - All around RB. Can do everything. Instantly makes the team better.

New York Jets - Golden Tate WR - Running game is great. But what happens when Sanchez has to pass? Braylon has stone hands. So insert Tate.

Dallas Cowboys- Terrance Cody NT- Jay Ratliff is small. He needs to move to 3-4 DE.

Minnesota Vikings - Maurkice Pouncey OG/OC - Safe pick. Cant go wrong

Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Davis OT - They need better pass protection.

New Orleans Saints - Daryl Washington OLB- Any area on the defense can be upgraded at this point.

So Let me know what you think!!!