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03-31-2010, 01:06 AM
2010 Mock NFL Draft

1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
The NFL is a quarterback driven league, more-so now than ever. If the Rams ever want to get back
to challenging for a division title, much less a Super Bowl, they need a QB. Bradford is the best
available in this draft and in free agency. And with the money that will be spent on the #1
overall pick of the draft, you want to spend it on the most important position on the field.

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
The Lions have used their past three first round picks on offense. Yes, they can take an offensive
tackle with this pick to help protect Matthew Stafford, but this is a tackle deep draft. The Lions have
had the worst defense the last few years. Suh is a cornerstone defensive tackle that can mold a defense.
They can't afford to pass up this type of player, defense still wins championships.

3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
The Buccaneers stape has been defense. They won a Super Bowl with defense. They have a defensive minded head coach.
McCoy, liek Suh,is a cornerstone defensive tackle who reminds me of Buccs legend Warren Sapp. If he can have a
Sapp-esque impact on the defense, the Buccaneers can turn this around much quicker than some people think. Also,
the Buccaneers play in a division with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan...McCoy can get into the backfield and disrupt
the timing of the two premeir QB's of the NFC South.

4. Washington Redskins - Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
The Redskins offensive line is pourous. They have a first round pick in Jason Cambpell who has been through
multiple coordinators and head coaches in his career. Last year his offensive line was at it's worst, leaving
him with very little time to do anything but throw it to try and save himself. Give Campbell an offensive line
that can give him time, and he can be a consistantly good QB. Shannahan has succeeded with worse at QB.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Bryan Buluga, OT Iowa
Scott Pioli traded for Matt Cassel last year and are paying him a franchise QB's salary. He can't do much from his
backside, and that's where he spent a lot of last year. Pioli knows the value of a good offensive line from
his days in New England. If he's going to get the Cheif's money worth out of Cassel, he needs to get him protection.

6. Seattle Seahawks - Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
Once again, the NFL is a quarterback driven league. Matt Hasselbeck has been a very successful QB in the League.
Lately he hasn't been healthy and part of that has to do with protection. While Hasselbeck isn't the future of the
Seahawks, whoever ends up being his successor will need blindside protection.

7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, CB Florida
The Browns have a lot of holes, a large one is at cornerback. Haden is the best corner in the draft. He's very
athletic and is a playmaker. He's no Darelle Revis, but he's better than anyone currently on the Browns roster
at the position. Cleveland needs playmakers, and Haden is that indeed.

8. Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
It's hard to predict an Al Davis draft pick. Last year with Michael Crabtree on the board, he selected Darius
Heyward-Bay. Davis is enamored with measurables and Campbell has those. He can also be a very solid left
tackle. If the Raiders are going to get anything out of former first round picks JaMarcuss Russell and
Darren McFadden, they need better blockers. Campbell is that.

9. Buffalo Bills - Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
I am saying it again, the NFL is a quarterback driven league. The Bills play in a division where the other teams
have Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez, and Chad Henne at quarterback. The Bills haven't had a franchise quarterback since
Jim Kelly. Clausen has all the skills you need to have to succeed in the NFL. If the Bills are ever going to
threaten for a playoff spot, they need a QB. No better way to get one than the NFL Draft.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Eric Berry, S Tenessee
The Jaguars have a few holes. Berry is the best safety in the draft. The secondary in Jacksonville is in need of an
upgrade. The guy is a ballhawk who has pop when he hits you. They play in a division with the Colts and Texans, two
high-powered offenses with Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Berry could be the tool that helps rebuild the Jaguars more than any
other choice.

11. Denver Broncos - Rolando McClain, LB Alabama
The Broncos have a need at ILB with the release of Andra Davis. They don't have a playmaker on the roster to take
Davis' place. McClain knows the role of ILB in a 3-4, playing in Nick Saban's defense at Alabama. He would be the
heart and soul of the Broncos defense for years to come. He also tackles any ball carrier that comes within five yards
of his area.

12. Miami Dolphins - Dan Williams, DT Tennessee
Jason Ferguson is going to be suspended for the first half of the season, and he's up there in age because he will be
36 years old in the near future. Williams can step in day-one and plug up the middle. The Dolphins will have their
defensive lynchpin for the next ten years.

13. San Fransisco 49ers - CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
Yes, the 49ers have Frank Gore. He hasn't played 16 games in a season in the last three. Spiller is a speedster, the
perfect compliment to a pounder like Gore. He could also end up being Gore's eventual replacement in San Fransisco.

14. Seattle Seahawks - Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
The Seahawks don't have much of a pass rush. Patrick Kerney is injury prone and Daryll Tapp is now gone. Morgan can
come in and be a force his rookie season. With their first pick the protect their quarterback, and their second pick
they go after the other team's quarterback.

15. New York Giants - Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State
Kenny Phillips has a problem with his knee and had microfracture surgery on it. He may never be able to return to the
level of play that he once displayed. Wilson is a very sensible pick because he could replace Phillips if he cannot
play, or play to the level of a starter.

16. Tennessee Titans - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida
In the last two offseasons the Titans have lost Kyle vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth. It's time that they got to
building the defensive line back up. Pierre-Paul could become one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. He will be needed
if the Titans are going to wrangle the division from the hands of the Colts and hold off the Texans.

17. San Fransisco 49ers - Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers
They added a new offensive weapon with their first pick. Their quarterback has had injury problems, so the best
protection the 49ers can provide is needed. The bookend to Joe Staley on the left side.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Iupati, G Idaho
The Steelers want to put more of a focus on their running game. Their offensive line needs help. Ben Roethlisberger
has been sacked more than 40 times a season the past few seasons because his offensive line has been unable to protect
him. This is the start of rebuilding the Steelers offensive line into the powerful unit they were once known for.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Earl Thomas, S Texas
The Falcons have fixed their offense, and last year they focused heavily on their defense. If the Falcons want to win
the division, they need to stop the high-powered Colts offense. Earl Thomas in the secondary, with new CB Dunta Robinson
is a huge upgrade to a defensive secondary that had some bumps in it last season.

20. Houston Texans - Ryan Mathews, RB Fresno State
The Texans offense is high-powered but they need an upgrade in the run game. Mathews is that, he would be able to keep
defenses honest and not just keying in on the pass. He would round out the offense and maybe put the Texans in the
playoffs for the first time in the team's history.

21. Cincinatti Bengals - Taylor Mays, S Southern California
The Bengals love Trojans, and no that isn't a condom joke. In the past few years they have loaded up on Southern Cal
defensive players. Once again, they go back to Cali. Current SS Roy Williams hasn't played more than seven games in
the past three seasons due to injury. Mays is at the least a carbon copy of Williams, a hard hitter with poor coverage
skills.....at best he's a hard hitter who can develop better coverage skills.

22. New England Patriots - Brandon Graham, LB Michigan
He will fit in well with the Patriots defense, helping them get younger. He's a gritty tough player with leverage off
of the edge, giving the Patriots a pass rusher at OLB which they have needed badly.

23. Green Bay Packers - Decin McCourty, CB Rutgers
Their corners are getting old. Al Harris missed a lot of last season with a knee injury. Charles Woodson, even though
he won Defensive Player of the Year, isn't going to play forever. McCourty can replace Harris if need be, and these two
cornerbacks aren't a bad pair to learn the pro game under either.

24. Philadephia Eagles - Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri
The Eagles have an opening at OLB. Weatherspoon can step right in to fill the spot and be a force on the Eagles defense.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
The best TE in the draft would be a nice new target for Ravens QB Joe Flacco. Todd Heap had a decent season last year,
but with his injury history isn't a sure bet to make it through the season. The Ravens have upgraded their receiving corps and
Gresham would be the last peice needed to make this offense the most dangerous it ever has been.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Sergio Kindle, LB Texas
The Cardinals need a pass rush. Joey Porter did just sign with the team, but how much gas does he have left in the tank?
He can be a hybrid DE/OLB playing both positions in the same game, giving the Cardinals defense a lot of flexability.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Terrance Cody, DT Alabama
The Cowboys don't have any real needs so they can take the best player available who can help them the most. Cody is
your prototypical nose tackle for a 3-4 defense. He's a big space eater who will take up blockers and collapse the pocket.
He will also allow current Cowboys NT jay Ratliff to move over to DE where he will take less of a beating.

28. San Diego Chargers - Jahvid Best, RB California
The Chargers just released their all-time leader in ever running back category there is. Darren Sproles is an okay back,
but he isn't a starter. Best has a lot of the skills that Tomlinson had and would be an upgrade to their running attack.

29. New York Jets - Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida
You know Rex Ryan would love a pass rush terror off the edge. With Dunlap, they would get that, though he would have to
transition to outside linebacker in the Jets 3-4 defense. He would make this defense even better, and it is already one
of the top defenses in the NFL.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Maurkice Pouncey, C Florida
The Vikings missed Matt Birk last season. Pouncey will open up the holes that Birk used to for the Vikings. Better
protection for Brett Favre and bigger holes for Adrian Peterson.

31. Indianapolis Colts - Charles Brown, OT Southern California
The Colts President made it know that he was unhappy with his offensive line's play last season. The Colts are looking
to upgrade that unit in this draft because protecting Peyton Manning is priotiry number one for the Colts. Brown gives them
a left tackle who they can groom and might possibly start if need be this season.

32. New Orleans Saints - Jerry Hughes, DE Texas Christian
A terror of a pass rusher, he would step in to replace Charles Grant and bring a better pass rush to the front four.

03-31-2010, 09:28 PM
The 49ers could always just replace Frank Gore imediately by releasing him and drafting C.J. Spiller and Gore could be the next Jerome Bettis for the Steelers.... or even the Steelers giving up a 4th rounder for Gore would be ok with me.. lol

04-01-2010, 08:35 AM
Roethlisberger has been sacked more than 40 times a season the past few seasons because his offensive line has been unable to protect

that's more BR's fault.

04-01-2010, 05:31 PM
that's more BR's fault.

A lot of it is the offensive line. Yeah, Ben is responsible for some of the sacks, but I would put all the sacks the Browns had on the offensive line. In that game, Ben would have had better protection if he had turn styles on front of him instead.

04-03-2010, 07:34 PM
I think the G-men take a LB and not Kyle Wilson.