View Full Version : Late round sleeper Guard

Steely McSmash
04-06-2010, 08:44 PM
I was looking over some combine results today and noticed that one guard named Shelley Smith jumped almost a foot further than the rest of the competition


Knowing that the broad jump is thought of as an indicator of a players explosiveness I thought I'd check out the scouting reports.

He's a little small for a guard but he's athletic and smart. I thought maybe he'd be worth a look at center. The profile on Sideline Scouting actually mentions that he might get a look at center.


The Steelers were seen at his pro day also according to this source:

He was in the Shrine game and got some good press from practices:

Oh and the other bonus is that he has short arms so that would give us something to bat around till the beginning of the season.

Thoughts? anyone else think he'd be a good late round flyer? Maybe one of the 5th round comp picks.