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04-22-2010, 01:56 PM
I'm far-sighted with my vision being roughly 20/40 but I'm sure it's gotten worse since my last eye exam.

I had an evaluation done at LASIKPlus in Raleigh, NC and it turned out I had a slight hole in my retina which I've since had repaired. I am going to the retina specialist tomorrow for my 2 week check to ensure all is well.

Assuming all is well, I'm going to continue down the road of vision correction. My question is should I go to LASIKPlus or TLC?

I'm not totally comfortable with the way the people at LP were and might, at the very least, get my eval done at TLC.

Has anyone used one or both of these places for vision correction?

Also, for anyone who has had it done, did you choose to go mono-vision or straight distance?

The lady at LP told me if I go straight distance that I would lose the ability to read anything within an arm's length, which would include the speedometer, car clock etc. Now, for everyone I've spoken to (2 of which are co-workers) that have had it done, they say they can not only see close but they are able to read the fine print on a credit card with no problem.

I can see things close to me now with no problem, I just can't read small print or print with little contrast and I don't want to lose that ability. In fact, I'd like to be able to read small print without glasses.

I understand that the lady may have been giving me the worse case scenario so I wouldn't expect something that is not "guaranteed" but I guess that would still be the chance of losing my "near vision" like the lady said.

I'd be interested to hear the story of anyone else who has gone through this process to compare experience.

04-22-2010, 01:57 PM
The reason I chose LP is because 3 people I know went there and they all had good results.

04-22-2010, 07:04 PM
I work for ophthalmalogists who do lasik (we used to be affiliated with TLC but now own our own laser.) You will only have trouble seeing small print if you are over 40. The lens of our eyes loses the abilty to accomodate at near gradually from age 40 - 55. (this will happen whether you have lasik or not) If you are over 40, you may want to try monovision in contact lenses first to see how you like it. One eye is corrected for distance and the other is left nearsighted to see close. In your case, they would have to steepen one cornea to make you nearsighted, which my doctors will not do. If you are nearsighted, it's no big deal to leave you nearsighted, but turning a farsighted eye into a nearsighted eye is a different story.

They also would be hesitant to do lasik at all on you. After already having a retinal hole, you would be at higher risk of having a retinal detachment after any type of eye surgery. Personally, if I were you. I would just do the monovision with contacts.

04-23-2010, 05:39 PM
I was thinking of mono-vision too, I'm 41.

The retina hole was tiny an far away from the center. I just got back from my follow-up visit with the retina specialist and he said he is comfortable with telling me to go ahead with LASIK.

I'll have another eval with LP and see what they say about it.

I heard good things and bad things with mono-vision. Like, if you're driving and you mistakenly cover your distance eye you lose sight. Another co-worker, who is in his 60s, has mono-vision and he actually did that while driving.

No real big deal, but you also lose depth perception from what I hear.

Two co-workers who had straight distance can read clearly. One is 47 and the other is my age, 41. The 41 yr old is more like me in that he is (was) far-sighted with very poor vision. He can now read the print on credit cards and even eye drop bottles without glasses. He also said that he has the option of going to mono-visoin at a later date if he chooses. Is that possible?

I was told that if you go mono-vision you can go straight distance (after healing for a few months) but if you go straight distance, you can't go back to mono-vision.

I have two conflicting stories there.

Anyway, I'll do a second eval at LP and see what they say in regards to the retina hole.


04-23-2010, 05:47 PM
If you go monovision, you can later be corrected to distance because all they need to do is finish the correction for the undercorrected eye. If you go distance in both eyes, you can't "uncorrect" the non dominant eye. You are stuck with distance vision and will need readers sooner or later.

And remember, at 41, you can still still see near. (the lens of you eyes can still accomodate for near focal length) It will get worse, however, over the next few years as your lens loses the ability to accommodate and you will need readers. (usually by the time you are around 45, you give in to readers) If you can tolerate monovision, I would do it.

04-24-2010, 05:37 AM
I'm far-sighted with my vision being roughly 20/40 but I'm sure it's gotten worse since my last eye exam

uh...do not waste your money, time or the risk by getting surgery done on vision that isn't bad at all.

my eyesight is 20/700