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2010 NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow To The Pittsburgh Steelers? Don't Laugh!
by Nick DeWitt Written on April 22, 2010

The Pittsburgh Steelers love gifted, versatile athletes, particularly on offense.

First there was Kordell Stewart, then Hines Ward, and then Antwaan Randle El. You can even make a case that Dennis Dixon fits that description.

There isn't really a more versatile quarterback in the draft this year than former Florida star Tim Tebow.

Various projections have him going anywhere from late in the first round (Jacksonville has been mentioned in a hometown hero type scenario) to somewhere in the second or third round (for teams that likely don't see him at the quarterback position long term).

When the college season ended in early January, Tebow's draft stock was really at an all-time low. There was a litany of complaints against him.

His throwing motion was too long. He was ****y. He didn't have the arm strength for the pro ranks. He wasn't an NFL ready passer from an NFL-style system.

Well, on the day of the draft, Tebow looks pretty good. He's shortened that throwing motion, proved he can make all the NFL throws, and looks poised rather than ****y.

He also looks like a good bet to at least be considered by the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Even if Ben Roethlisberger hadn't spent the offseason trashing his image and reputation, this would be a smart move.

Now that there is a very good chance that Roethlisberger will be dealt sometime early in the first round of tonight's draft.

Unless the team manages to unload him to the Rams, who are reportedly not interested in acquiring the troubled star, Tebow would be the name most likely to be connected with the Steelers.

Sam Bradford will go first overall, whether to the Rams or to someone else trading into that spot. Jimmy Clausen has character questions of his own. It's a safe bet that the Steelers won't be taking on any problem children.

Colt McCoy doesn't fit the offensive style. The other quarterbacks are late round projects.

Tebow fits the Steelers' style. He's mobile and versatile. He would allow the Steelers to still be dangerous offensively thanks to his ability to run with the ball and make all the throws necessary.

He's also a high character guy. He's not attending the draft because he couldn't get all of his family to New York in time. He's a hard-working, team first guy.

He's the kind of guy the Steelers thought they were getting when they drafted Roethlisberger.

If the team does unload Roethlisberger for a top ten pick, I'd look for them to use it on another position. There are a few good offensive linemen (Bruce Campbell and Trent Williams) that could go to them and a host of defensive talents that they could use.

They could then grab Tebow at 18th overall or trade that pick for a later pick in the first or early-second round and select him there.

Either way, drafting Tebow makes a lot of sense.

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Either way, drafting Tebow makes a lot of sense

Really? A lot of sense? From where I stand, we already have three quaterbacks behind Ben that are better than Tebow.

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Really? A lot of sense? From where I stand, we already have three quaterbacks behind Ben that are better than Tebow.


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Really? A lot of sense? From where I stand, we already have three quaterbacks behind Ben that are better than Tebow.

:iagree: Where do they come up with this crap? :noidea:

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I actually wouldn't mind taking him but not before the late 2nd-3rd round. I wouldn't mind seeing us trade up for him but not until we've addressed CB, Oline, and maybe WR.

I think if we developed him a bit he could become a great QB. Right now, he would be a bust, but if we train him under Ben and Batch he could be amazing. Ben won't be around much longer (He's staying for now but Im not talking from a trading standpoint or anything he'll either retire from injuries or run out of gas in the next few years let's be honest. I doubt he'll still be starting for us or at least playing at his current level 6 years from now when his contracts up) so Tebow could be his successor, he's a tough physical player who can make plays with his feet and could have a really good arm with some training. Plus he's a class act and a proven winner.

I think Tebow is a hit or miss depending on who takes him with what intentions. If he's taken by someone with the intention of starting him right away or even within the next year, he'll be a bust. If he's taken by somebody like us or the Patriots who would put him in a backup role for several years and develop him, he could be amazing.

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It's from bleacherreport....

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It's from bleacherreport....

As well as a dimension of pure stupid.......

How many QB do we need? Are we buying spares to keep batch going?

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bleacherreport. PFT needs sites like this to make THEM look legit.