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04-23-2010, 11:37 PM
Getting to Know: Pittsburgh's Second-Day Picks
4/23/2010 10:07 PM ET By JJ Cooper

Jason WorlidsThe first round is the part of the NFL draft where evven casual fans pay attention, but the second and third day of the draft is when teams success if built. With that in mind here's a look at what the Steelers got on day two of the draft.

Jason Worlids, OLB, Virgina Tech

Jason Worlids wasn't projected by a whole lot of people to go to the Steelers in the second round, but he is the kind of college defensive end that the Steelers love to turn into a 3-4 defensive end.

So to get a better idea of what the Steelers got in Worlids, here's a look at what the experts had to say about him.
NFL.com: Good pass rusher who uses his hands well. Highly productive. However he doesn't have experience in dropping into coverage, he has a history of shoulder injuries and he doesn't play the run as well as he plays the pass.

CBSSports: Fast enough to beat offensive tackles off the line. Shows a variety of pass-rushing moves. Was blown off the ball in college in the running game. Does shed blocks, but gets driven back first. Shows the effort to pursue plays and run them down. Good knee bender and has plenty of experience on special teams.

Si.com: Great first step that allows him to beat offensive tackles off the ball. Very good burst and shows the effort you want in a football player. Showed some coverage ability when dropping in zone blitz situations. His lack of height does limit him but he projects to make an easy transition to being a 3-4 outside linebacker.

ESPN.com($): Has a chronic shoulder condition that causes concerns--he was medically redshirted in 2006 and has had offseason shoulder surgery in each of the past two yeasrs. Has an array of pass-rushing moves. Anchors well against TEs but gets blown off ball by OTs. Has enough strength and uses his hands well enough to throw in an occasional bull rush to mix up the speed rush.

FoxSports: Is a true tweener but is a gritty football player who will give a solid effort and fights through injuries.

NFL Draft Countdown: Excellent athlete who does a great job in pursuit. Doesn't quit on plays. Plays with good leverage and is a solid tackler. Is not an instinctive player. Limited number of pass-rushing moves.

Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU

Apparently the Steelers did decide that they needed to find someone to groom long-term at wide receiver after dumping Santonio Holmes for a fifth-round pick. Sanders doesn't have the speed of Holmes, but he has been a productive player for three years at SMU while also contributing as a punt returner.

SI.com: Quick off the line. Runs good routes and is a natural pass catcher. Is too physically limited to be much help as a run blocker and doesn't have enough size/speed to be a true deep threat.

NFL.com: Has the agility and quick hips to explode out of cuts. Doesn't have much size. Rounds off his routes too often.

FoxSports: Holds nearly every SMU receiving record. Is elusive although he too often runs East-West rather than North-South.

CBSSports: Is capable of working the seams in the middle of the field. Comfortable working from the slot. Isn't strong enough to win the jump balls with cornerbacks. As a punt returner has to learn to make more upfield moves rather than circling back to try to break a long run. Isn't big enough to be an effective blocker. Has trouble maintaining his blocks. Was suspended for two games in 2008 for rules violations.

NFL Draft Countdown: Runs crisp routes and has good leaping ability. Struggles against press coverage. Takes too many risks as a punt returner.

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04-23-2010, 11:56 PM
A third round pick on an undersized slot reciever. Not a fan of this pick.

04-24-2010, 12:32 AM
Wow. Neither sounds very impressive. And I'm sure everyone's thinking, why didn't we draft a corner? But I will trust the FO on this one. They probably know a lot more than any of us do. Can't say I'm not a little disappointed though. O well, let's hope it works out for the best and 3 years from now we'll all be looking back going, "man, remember how pissed off we were when we drafted these guys.. and look how great they turned out :)"

04-24-2010, 09:24 AM
Anyone else think that Sanders sounds like ARE? :chuckle:

I also don't care for the 'chronic shoulder problems' with Worilds.

04-24-2010, 09:52 AM
Both picks were reaches. Both picks were projected in most mocks to go 1-2 Rds later. Since both failed to address the needs of this team...I keep asking myself..."what in hell was the FO thinking"?

No one is saying that are not good athletes and productive players....but so are the other 200+ players that will be drafted. The point is...we have needs...and we did not come close to addressing them with either pick.

Needs are compromised ONLY when an outstanding talent drops. I don't consider reaching for two players as meeting that criteria.