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04-26-2010, 02:05 PM
I cant help but feel that our orginization is building on the formula that worked in 05. Though i believe none of those, off the cuff guys,like FOOT should have never been allowed to leave, the tomlinson camp beleved their draft picks could step in and the steelers would never miss a beat.The TIMMONS pick still hasnt panned out .Be it injury our being lost as to where he should in the middle of a play .We have nobody in our secondary with hands.For two years we have seen rushed passes bounce off backs face masks, chests,HANDS! IF im not mistsken our first pick of last year by a corner was an over 10 year veteran that was hit in the chest. Can nobody teach IKE to catch? we have spent our cash keeping the guys we would have let go in 05. Brought back the guys we let go,plus added a OLman that we can plug right in.We brought in safty help and some most needed speacial teams help. Now if we can get some help from say.JOE BURRNET or LEWIS , i think we could be a real good pass defence again . I have been having dreams [nightmares]of a cower defense that teams wouldnt even try to run on but would throw 430 yards. thats what we were somtimes last year.WOOD and HARRISON cant always get there and im not sold on TIMMONS. But the back we picked up should pick us up from the bottom of the league at 3rd and short. I LOVE the pick up at OLB . hopfully DIXON picks up where he left off last year and ben comes back to an undefeated team .[ would love to see some options with rashard and dixon]
And i believe wallace is an upgrade to washington so hey we have added some of what we were missing fromback in 05 ,special teams,a big third down back,a starting corner,a quality backup QB,OL,depth at OLB . I belive the mixture of good young talent and the missing pices from our past should blend into an intresting,fun,winning!! season infront of us. SO HERE WE GO STEELERS! HERE WE GO!!!!!:tt04:

04-26-2010, 03:13 PM
I'll believe it when I see ARE throw an option to Ward in the EZ!

04-26-2010, 04:19 PM
ben doesnt have the speed to be a threat running option and they can hang an eye on rashard . With dixon they have to respect his speed which wiil open the flat for any of our backs. plus i think ARE flinches everytime ben takes a hit . every OFF COR. in the league is just a quarterbacks injury from looking for a new job . i dont understand with all his so called MAGIC POWERS on offense and a QB.WRs of our caliber why we cant score against the worst teams in the leauge .IN CONSECUTIVE WEEKS!!!