View Full Version : ben, and jerome autographs

02-07-2006, 01:24 PM
i have some collection of football autographs, and the most recent ones are big ben and jerome bettis. ben, just got of college and before the 2004 season i got his auto.at mario lemieux golf tournament in june of 2004.signed it on the eighth hole golf course.
this was at nevillewoods held in pittsburgh.jeromes i got in west virgina, he was signing a strawberry festival. very nice signatures. these are already collector items and will be worth alot more in the coming years. after the super bowl win, ben's and jeromes autographs will go up in price.these are not for sale, but maybe way down the road i would sell them. did you remember steve courson , no.#77 , which passed away during a accident. i have his signature.in super bowl IX, did you notice that mike webster,no# 52 wasn't a starter . he was on special teams. these videos bring back alot of memories.