View Full Version : Crazy Jim Traficant is BACK!

05-04-2010, 03:35 PM
He's running in the Ohio 17th District.

First off, the guy was 100% guilty of the charges he was put away for. But, eh, he's a politician, so what do you expect?

I like the guy. He's the Ricardismo of the Congress. It's FUN to have a crazy guy spouting off weird conspiracy theories if for no other reason just to have a representative from the crazy contingency. And, as this board has proven in the microcosm, crazy IS provocative, and crazy gets people talking.

I, for one, hope he wins. Tim Ryan, the incumbent he's running against, is a bit of a minor kook himself, so no great loss...


05-04-2010, 06:16 PM
I have fond memories of Traficant. The guy was constitutionally incapable of being boring. He was also evidently incapable of keeping his hands out of the cookie jar.

I haven't lived in Ohio for a long time, but from what I understand the economy is not exactly booming. I'm sure a populist has every chance to do well in his old district, even a quasi-populist like Jim.

P.S. - I had no idea that the Steelers drafted him. I knew I liked him for a reason.