View Full Version : Pasties put the screws to school kids

05-06-2010, 01:11 AM

NFL players no-shows at school event

Lebanon, Conn. (WTNH) - Picture this - a hundred students waiting in the Lebanon Middle School gymnasium for members of the New England Patriots. But what they got was disappointment.

They thought they'd be rewarded with visits from Patriots players for taking part in an NFL-sponsored program, but it didn't turn out that way.

"I think the hardest thing yesterday was seeing all my kids coming down they had their Sharpies and their footballs and their jerseys and I was like, gosh, what am I gonna do," said PE and Health teacher Alyssa Fabry.

There were no autographs for students at Lebanon Middle School who won the grand prize in the exercise and nutrition program ' Fuel Up to Play 60 ' put on by the NFL and the Dairy Council. And why wouldn't they expect to see players like the ones who had apparently gone to other schools.

"This is what got all of us all excited was all activities, celebrity coaches."

Celebrity coaches -- says it right there in the email Fabry received. The Pats person who came wasn't one of the big play makers, but rather an intern who played a workout video.

"When we spoke to the intern that came from the Patriots he said that given that it's summer time the players aren't around," Principal Rob Laskarewski said.

The kids had fun anyway but didn't get what they expected. And so a lesson is learned and another one is in the making.

"We're gonna be writing letters," Fabry said, "so the kids will learn how to write business letters and learn how to be persuasive."

A spokesperson for the Patriots told News 8 the reason there were no players or coaches here in this gymnasium is because the term 'celebrity coaches' actually refers to a local celebrity like the principal of the school, a mayor, or a DJ acting as a coach for the work out which was done here. It's a miscommunication the Patriots say they will try to straighten out.