View Full Version : Jolly Roger Logo

02-08-2006, 04:06 PM
Hey everyone, I'm lookin for some help with the logo of my new site The Jolly Roger (http://users.boardnation.com/~thejollyroger/index.php)

This is the temporoary logo I'm using right now,

Since I'm not the greatest with painting software, I was wondering if any of the skilled painters on here could whip something up for me, your welcome to but your name in the corner and I will be sure to give you credit for it on the site... I just started it so its a little small right now, but hopefully it will continue to grow! The only things I would like is some reference to the pirates flag since the name of the site is the jolly roger. Also I would prefer to not use the official pirates logo as i know some sites have been shut down due to using copyrighted logos

Thanks for the help