05-25-2010, 12:10 PM

Steelers.com brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

Robbie Lloyd in Canada asks: What was the feeling like watching the draft and waiting for a team to call you, especially since the second round was the second night?
Jason Worilds: I am not the type of person to get nervous or anxious about too much. It was cool. I knew my name was going to be called eventually. I was hanging out with my friends and family and was happy about that.

Christina BelŪo in El Paso, Texas asks: How did you feel when you were picked by the Steelers?
Jason Worilds: It was surreal. To have all of the work I put in over the years finally pay off and lead to that moment was special to me, my family and friends. When I announced it in the room, to see everyoneís expression is something I will never forget.

Alex Philip in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania asks: Did you come into the draft believing you would be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 or a defensive end in a 4-3?
Jason Worilds: Really when I came in I didnít know. I had some workouts with 4-3 teams. A lot of 3-4 teams were also interested. Coming into it I thought it was even. I thought a lot of 4-3 teams would like me as a rush end, but the 3-4 teams like me as a linebacker.

Matthew Broussard in Lake Charles, Louisiana asks: Do you see yourself as more of a LaMarr Woodley/James Harrison rush end type linebacker or more of a James Farrior/Larry Foote "do everything" type linebacker who could play coverage as well as rush the passer?
Jason Worilds: Of course I have to say LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison. I love the way they play the game. I never had an eye for the inside linebacker spot. Being able to come off the edge and rush and get after the quarterback is something I love to do. I feel like eventually I can grow into more of a coverage guy.

Chris Poythress in Carteret, New Jersey asks: How hard is the transition from college to the pro level? I am from the same town as you by the way. We are all happy for you.
Jason Worilds: I think itís going to be tough. I think itís going to be real tough. Coming from high school to college you have to get acclimated to the speed of the game. Coming from college to the NFL you have to get acclimated to the mental part of the game. The game is so cerebral there and everyone is a great athlete. I am looking forward to learning the playbook and then see what I can do and compete physically.

Carlos Lezama Lugo from Mexico City asks: What strengths do you bring to the Steelers organization?
Jason Worilds: I would say commitment. I am married to this game. I think that is my number one strength. I am a person who is always committed to winning. I will do anything to win. I think that is the type of person they are going to get.

Gary Bower in Indiana asks: How important will special teams be for you as a rookie?
Jason Worilds: I believe extremely important. To get out there and cover some kicks and punts is special. Special teams is one-third of the game, to get out there and contribute in that way is something special.

John Roetter in Naperville, Illinois asks: What are your main goals for the upcoming season?
Jason Worilds: To earn respect from the guys. To let them know that I am going to get the job done. Just to play my part, contribute any way I can and letís win the Super Bowl.

Shawn Aiwohi in Brentwood, California asks: How does it feel to be part of a defense that highlights the play of their most valued weapons - linebackers?
Jason Worilds: Itís an honor. For them to pick me in the second round, itís an honor. It also says something about what they see in me. Being a college defensive end and the Steelers being known for such great linebackers, for them to pick me so high and put that much faith in me, itís an honor to play for that type of organization.

Barry Price in New Jersey asks: Do they throw a lot at you during mini-camp?
Jason Worilds: Definitely. You wouldnít even be able to fathom how much. Itís not a walk in the park. They donít hold your hand. They throw it at you and itís up to you to pick it up. I think I am doing a good job coming along.

Don Palmer in Ohio asks: What was it like to put a Steelers helmet on for the first time in mini-camp?
Jason Worilds: It was something special. To put that helmet on and that gold jersey on and go out there and fly around with some of those older guys, some of the guys you see on TV, to be in the huddle with some of those guys and ask them questions was special. Anybody who has the dream to play in the NFL, it was a dream come true.

Jared Lewis in Michigan: You hear a lot about the camaraderie in the Steelers locker room. What was your first impression of that?
Jason Worilds: They are tight knit, extremely tight knit. The coolest part is they welcome you right in. You come into the locker room and you expect to get ridicule and a lot of negative things, but they put their arm around you and welcome you in. While itís business-oriented, they do know how to relax and enjoy each other so thatís cool.

Tony Ellis in Connecticut asks: Is it overwhelming as a rookie coming to a team where you have Pro Bowl linebackers on the roster?
Jason Worilds: No. I think itís a great place to be. Those are two great examples to learn from, two guys to watch. They are two examples of how I should be playing the game. To sit back and watch them is an honor. I am looking forward to it.

Kevin Flaherty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania asks: What will it be like tobe coached by one ofthe best defensive coaches in NFL history and by a Hall of Fame player in Dick LeBeau and his complex defensive schemes?
Jason Worilds: That in itself is special. I could have ended up anywhere with any type of coach. To end up in this situation with such a prestigious coach and knowledgeable coach is something special. You can see from being around him how much he knows, how knowledgeable he is of the game and how wise he is. I am excited to get the chance to soak it all up.

Dana Lucas asks: Have you heard yet how passionate Steelers fans are about the team and are you looking forward to playing for a team with that kind of atmosphere?
Jason Worilds: I am. I am the type of player that feeds off the energy around me To know all of the fans will be out there will give me the energy to give it my all. I am excited.

Greg Butler in Arizona asks: What was it like to see the six Super Bowl trophies for the first time?
Jason Worilds: I took a picture and sent it to all of my friends. It was something special. To come from where I came from, a small town, itís not something we get to see every day. For me to take a picture of that and send it to my family and friends, I think it meant a lot to everybody.

Pat Garrett in New Jersey asks: Did seeing the Super Bowl trophies make your drive to win one even stronger?
Jason Worilds: Definitely. Why else do you play this game? Why do spend all those hours, days and months if you are not trying to win the Super Bowl. Seeing those trophies let me know what I am working for is a reality and it motivated me even more to put my all into this.

Jesse Hoss asks: Other than football, are there any other pro sports you follow and if so who are your favorite teams?
Jason Worilds: I am an Orlando Magic fan. I donít follow basketball like I used to. I was a huge Penny Hardaway fan years ago.

Ross Fager in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania asks: As a child did you dream of playing in the NFL and what team did you dream of playing for if you made it to the NFL one day?
Jason Worilds: I did. I never thought about playing for a specific team. I just always wanted to win a Super Bowl; that was my thing. I always think about the great players and how most of them are remembered by how many Super Bowl championships they have. I wanted to be great and I know to do that you have to win Super Bowls.

Dan Morris in Rhode Island asks: What is your first impression of the City of Pittsburgh, which was just voted the most livable city in America?
Jason Worilds: I didnít get a chance to see much right away because we were doing football stuff all day. Itís a clean city and the people are really friendly and nice. There are some nice buildings, kind of old and historical. I am looking forward to seeing it.