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Steelers.com brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

Robbie Lloyd in Canada asks: What is it like to sit there and watch the draft and wait for a team to call you?
Maurkice Pouncey: It’s definitely nerve racking, but it’s exciting. It’s definitely memorable when you do get the call.

Christina Belío in El Paso, Texas asks: How did you feel when you were picked by the Steelers in the first round?
Maurkice Pouncey: It was probably the best moment of my life. I was so happy, words can’t explain it.

Sam Jacobs in Ohio asks: Who from the Steelers do you talk to when you are drafted?
Maurkice Pouncey: You talk to the whole staff, the head coach, general manager, offensive line coach and other coaches. When other teams are picking that is when they call.

Rick Studyvin in Toledo, Ohio asks: Since the center is the quarterback of the line, did you have to do extra film work compared to say the guard position when you were in college?
Maurkice Pouncey: Most definitely, Every day I did.

Jim Smith in Boston, Massachusetts asks: What are the difference in requirements, preparation and expectation between playing guard and center?
Maurkice Pouncey: At center you are the captain of the line. You are making the call every play. Everybody is depending on you to make their blocks.

From Jay Howley in Florida: There are so many expectations on center is it better as rookie to come in and play guard and play center later?
Maurkice Pouncey: It’s different for different people I would be ready to come in and play center.

Samey Charappin Tucson, Arizona asks: Because the Steelers have Max Starks, a Gator Alumni, will this make it easier for you to transition into an NFL caliber lineman? Has he offered any advice or help with you getting settled in Pittsburgh?
Maurkice Pouncey: Most definitely. Max and I already hang out a little bit and talk a lot. I am glad he is there for me. It’s helped a lot. He has told me to take it easy, it’s rough at first but I will get used to it. He is going to help with my living arrangements.

Peter Topa in Old Forge, Pennsylvania asks: Do you think you will be thrown into the mix or sit on the sidelines and watch and learn?
Maurkice Pouncey: I definitely want to be thrown in. I want to be well prepared to go into the game, but I definitely want to play.

Carlos Lezama Lugo from Mexico City asks: What strengths do you bring to the Steelers organization?
Maurkice Pouncey: I have a great love for the game and am always willing to learn.

Wendy Lissenden in Greensboro, North Carolina asks: What things did you consider and whatled to your decision to enter the draft early rather than finish your senior year at Florida?
Maurkice Pouncey: I felt like I had accomplished so much at the University of Florida with being an All-America, winning the Rimington Trophy, winning a National Championship and SEC Championship. I felt like the time was right for me. Plus with the issues with my dad it was time to come out.

Rita Brown asks: What will be the biggest adjustment coming from college to the pros?
Maurkice Pouncey: Probably learning the whole playbook. For offensive lineman the playbook is a lot bigger than for most.

Greg Butler in Arizona asks: What was it like to see the six Super Bowl trophies for the first time?
Maurkice Pouncey: I took a picture with them. It was amazing. Seeing that and the pictures of all the greats that played there on the wall was memorable.

Barry Price in New Jersey asks: Do they throw a lot at you during mini-camp?
Maurkice Pouncey: No, not really. There wasn’t a whole lot, but you definitely have to pay attention and study.

Lou Ratner in Virginia asks: At the end of mini-camp Coach (Mike) Tomlin mentioned that he likes to see how guys respond to failure during mini-camp. My guess is that is because you are learning a lot of new stuff. What do you think of his comment?
Maurkice Pouncey: I don’t like to fail. I don’t want to let anybody down. That is why I get out there real hard

Don Palmer in Ohio asks: What was it like to put a Steelers helmet on for the first time in mini-camp?
Maurkice Pouncey: It was amazing. I think I was the first one on the field. I jogged out there and was like, I am here now.

Jim DeNardo in Michigan asks: The Steelers have an amazing history at the center position. Even though you are going to be used at guard first, what does it feel like to know you will be a part of that history at center?
Maurkice Pouncey: It feels great. I just have to live up to the legacy of the guys who were here in the past and were very successful.

Michele Duncan asks: What was your best memory from playing at the University of Florida?Maurkice Pouncey: Definitely winning the National Championship.

Holly Peters in South Carolina asks: What is it going to be like to play on a team without your twin brother Michael for the first time?
Maurkice Pouncey: It will be different, but we are a lot more grown and mature now so it won’t have as big an effect as if I were a freshman in college.

Les Arnold in California asks: What was the coolest thing about being a twin growing up?
Maurkice Pouncey: We were always with each other. We always had great times together. I could never complain about anything.

Dee Majors in West Virginia asks: Are you hoping that the Steelers draft your brother next year?
Maurkice Pouncey: Most definitely.

Sue Wallace in Connecticut asks: You hear about rookies hitting a wall because the season is longer than college. What can you do to prevent that from happening?
Maurkice Pouncey: Take care of my body. Act like a professional and take care of my body and know that this is a job.

Christina Belío in El Paso, Texas asks: What was your favorite football team before joining the Steelers?
Maurkice Pouncey: The Tampa Bay Bucs. I am from Lakeland so that is the hometown team.

Dana Lucas asks: Have you heard yet how passionate Steelers fans are about the team and are you looking forward to playing for a team with that kind of atmosphere?
Maurkice Pouncey: I can’t wait. I think about it all of the time.

Dale Rowand in Missouri asks: Other than football what sports do you like to watch and who are your favorite teams?
Maurkice Pouncey: I am a big NBA fan. I like the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

Mary Fidei in Littleton, Colorado asks: Do you think you made Tim Tebow a better player?
Maurkice Pouncey: I think so. We had such a great team everybody made each other better. It wasn’t just one guy. It was the whole team atmosphere.

Feras Zahid in Clemson, South Carolina asks: What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?
Maurkice Pouncey: Pepperoni.

05-25-2010, 12:59 PM
Like most of those answers. Sounds like the attitude is right.
Hope he's the next great anchor of the line for the next dozen years.

05-25-2010, 03:23 PM
:thumbsup: looks like we got ourselves a hard worker at center

05-25-2010, 04:20 PM

Barry Price in New Jersey asks: Do they throw a lot at you during mini-camp?
Maurkice Pouncey: No, not really. There wasn’t a whole lot, but you definitely have to pay attention and study.


It's funny. I was looking at some of the responses from guys like Sanders and they were saying how difficult it was it keep up with what was being thrown to them.

And then you have Pouncey say it wasn't a big deal.

As he stated, him having to put in the extra film work as a center probably had a lot to do with that. Also speaks to how much of a hard-worker he seems to be. Could very well be NFL-ready from day one and I would actually be more surprised if he can't be the starting RG Week 1.

tony hipchest
05-25-2010, 04:21 PM
Barry Price in New Jersey asks: Do they throw a lot at you during mini-camp?
Maurkice Pouncey: No, not really. There wasn’t a whole lot, but you definitely have to pay attention and study.this question was asked of all the rookies in this Q&A session. all answered like they typical rookies who were overwhelmed by the information contained in a pro playbook and said it was a ton of information to take in.

pouncey, on the flipside, wasnt even phased. :thumbsup:

i keep seeing more and more signs on how such a high draft pick could be spent on a center.

it can be argued that he is the most "sure thing" in this years draft.

EDIT: lol... chidi beat me to the punch. i was thinking the exact same thing. :cheers:

05-25-2010, 04:24 PM
lol, guess great minds think alike.

05-25-2010, 07:28 PM
lol, guess great minds think alike.