View Full Version : New Manic D song, please help guys!!!

Manic D
02-08-2006, 08:24 PM
What's up guys. It's Manic D (www.myspace.com/manicd). I did a new Steelers song about the team, the Seahawks and how it feels to be a champion. It's the best one yet by a mile. Check the clip of the new Steelers' song "Brint It (The Champions' Song)" in the music player on my myspace page. That's just the first verse and the hook, there are 2 more verses (one of which is all about the Seahawks, you'll laugh I promise). I made these Steelers songs for fun and out of love, but they cost me money to make so I'd appreciate some support if you like them. I took down the downloads (I know, I'm a greedy bastard) so now if you want to get the songs you either have to buy them on a CD here or go to Superhappywax.com to download the MP3s (link coming later tonight, all you need is a credit card to order from their site). The MP3 downloads will be $2 each. If you pay me $10 I'll send you 2 CDs, one with the 2 songs that you can play in any CD player and one with the 2 music videos (free). So yeah, I know you liked me better when I was giving stuff away for free but hey, I got a family of 16 kids to feed playa. Don't hate. Please support!!! Repost this if you dig my music.