View Full Version : Draft Day Nearing and Stearing got a few questions....

03-31-2005, 06:33 PM
1)-Who is the safest bet to be a stud coming out of the '05 NFL Draft

2)-Which QB(In your opinion) is going to be a potential franchise QB

3)-Whose the best defensive player in the draft?

4)-Who's the sleeper of the draft?

5)-Who's most "OVERRATED" in the draft?


BKAS answers:

1)-Braylon Edwards-Many say the 49ers, Browns or Bucs will take him. He has size, speed and is the "Roy Williams" of this year's draft....His only problem is sometimes he loses focus during the game....Many say he's the safest draft pick

2)-Alex Smith-I still think he's "THE" QB....A bit clumsy behind the center but that can easily be fixed, has a nice arm, great mechanincs and his biggest attribute is his uncanny awareness.

3)-Derrick Johnson-The OLB will be a top 10 pick maybe even top 5....Said to be the defensive "playmaker" of the draft....Has tremendous speed. Many say he's a replica of Baltimore's Terrel Suggs

4)-Marc Clayton-If you dont know who he is, get to know him.....Much like Michale Clayton of 2004, Marc will be "THE" sleeper....Has tremendous speed, great hands but his size is questionable.

5)-Erasmus James-I just dont see him being a star in the NFL....Has the size of a DT, is injury prone and he played in the BIG TEN!!!(not good conference)


03-31-2005, 08:24 PM
Personally, I dont think either of the top 2 QB's can be considered franchise QB's. when you compare them to the class that came out last year, I dont think there is any comparison. All 4 of the top QB's drafted last year have to potential to be franchise guys. Ben being the best of course! :D

I like both of the stud QB's in this years draft alot..but Im not quite sure either one will be all that and a bag of chips, just yet.

03-31-2005, 11:57 PM
Heath Miller TE...As for stud, I thought I should pick Colquitt as a punter, cause how do you mess that up, but decide to stay mainstream. I'm going to go with a sure 1st rounder, whose position is more important every year.

Charlie Frye QB...Franchise Qb have been few and far in the first 3 picked so I figure go lower. Frye has the size and stats and will not be expected to do as much, which might lead to a better career.

Marcus Spears DE...I don't want someone with multiple jobs and such, I wanted someone like Freeney. Just pin the ears back and go. So why not take a senior with size and speed who will be put in the "program" and given the responsibility on every play to "kill the quarterback"

Demarcus Ware DE/LB...I think two reasons. One, his name is everywhere on draft lists and mocks and don't hear anything cause he is from Troy State. Plus I think he falls cause he will be listed as DE but will go to a tweener spot to a team seeking a LB for a new 3-4 scheme.

Aaron Rodgers QB...Not cause he can't do it, but that you are the consenus #1 picked to rebuild the 49ers with no supporting cast. Good luck. I don't know if manning can do it.

04-01-2005, 11:28 PM
i agree with blitz, neither of those qb's can be franchise and i think the most overrated coming out is cedric benson, i know you may disagree on that last statement, but we will have to see for ourselves