View Full Version : Holmgren over rated??

02-09-2006, 03:05 PM
Not trying to start anything here, just curious to what people thought?

It seem his clock management was terrible! In the first and second half! The refs didn`t let the 1st half clock tick down from 48 sec. all the way down to 13 sec. before running thier play at our 36 yard line. Then went for it all on third down, and had to settle for a 53 yard FG attempt, instead of getting a quick first down, and set up an easy attempt.

Did Holmgren get all over his punter for punting short punts into the end zone every time?

Holmgren is known for handling QB`s but yet he won his Super Bowl ring with the most unorthodox thrower in the game, I love Favre, but i doubt Holmgren taught him to throw balls behind his back, under hand, hail mary shit all the time.

Take some blame MIKE, it wasn`t the refs! On plays with no penalties we came up huge!

Remember the Troy interception against Indy that the refs took away? Yet we still over came a huge bad calllike that and won the game.

Mike get some of your dignity back! You Jack Ass!

Livinginthe past
02-09-2006, 03:25 PM
I will always wonder how this type of clock management happens - its frustrating to watch even if you aren't supporting the team in question.

To me it seems like the football version of a brain-freeze - the coaches cant react to the situation quick enough and become so frightened of making a mistake they actually make one...by doing nothing.

Maybe another part of it is lack of game prep (as crazy as that sounds) surely there was enough time in the 2 week break for Holmgren and his coaching team to devise a 2minute plan for all the various scenarios (starting position, timeouts left, score)?!

When you think about it there aren't actually that many variables to take into account - winners go out and take the points - losers worry about making mistakes.


02-10-2006, 11:38 AM
Holmgren's clock management at the end of the first half definitely left me question his strategy. Throughout the first quarter the 'Hawks were able to exploit the Steelers defensive backfield playing Seattle's receivers soft. Short, accurate throws underneath the coverage were killing our guys and I can't imagine that the coverage tightened up too much the closer it got to the intermission. Maybe I didn't see it, though.

I think that Holmgren's method of letting QBs check off at the line whenever they wanted may have played a part in some of the clock issues. He seems to give his QB a ton of leeway when it comes to overriding calls from the sideline but it backfired on them as time was winding down. While it's great to give the QB carte blanche to make adjustments, at some point the HC has to be the HC. Holmgren's resume of past success should give him capital when it comes to making decisions on how to play a two-minute drill but if they're ignored or changed, why even call specific plays. They might as well sandlot it and draw up their own plays in the huddle.