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04-01-2005, 05:50 PM
Europass: Season preview in a nutshell

By Mike Carlson
Special to NFL.com


Akili Smith is eager to hit the field as his Galaxy take on the Thunder in Week 1.

(April 1, 2005) -- The NFL Europe's 13th season will kick off April 2 with all six teams in action. Many observers think this season could be the best-balanced one yet in NFLE.

No team stood out in camp the way Berlin did last year, and it was unusual in transferring promise in Florida into results in Europe. The long trip across the Atlantic transforms many teams. Suddenly, with a small roster in a strange environment, having positive practices will become a challenge. And of course, once the opening whistle blows, we will find out which players rise to the occasion and which ones are workout warriors.

But all six teams are still in with a shot and here's why:


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