View Full Version : Hockeytown, Detroit, MI

02-12-2006, 09:41 AM
Hi everyone...I've often trolled here to see what everyone is saying about the great Black and Gold. I have a small plea.

Like others I've been reading about, I, too, have lost my Terrible Towel while in Detroit at the bar Hockeytown. It fell off my shoulder for not more than 30 seconds and when I turned to pick it up..it was gone :( It's sentimental and I think someone might have picket it up because it had some signatures on it. Those four signatures where just those of the DVE morning show...I'm not saying they aren't important, but doubtful to raise the value of a terrible towel. One of the distinguishing characteristics is the "Go Steelers" by Mike Prisuta on the 'less fuzzy' part. It's an older style towel that I have had for years. If anyone knows anything about it, please PM me and I will gladly pay for any shipping fees and provide my address. I know my attempt is futile at this point, but just maybe someone that has it, understand the value of something sentimental. I wish I had a good picture of it, but all the ones I have don't really show the signatures or anything.

Thank You

Go Steelers!