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04-02-2005, 01:52 AM
In 1998 Jake Plummer led the Cardinals to their first and only postseason win

When you think of the Arizona Cardinals you think failure, losing, and an all around bad franchise. Let's be honest, one playoff win in franchise history will earn you the title "laughingstock". Be honest, you laugh when the Cardinals are mentioned as a playoff team. Dating back to 1998, this team has gone down, way down.

1998 was a pivotal year for Cardinal fans. It would be the Cardinals first winning season since 1984. That's 14 years. However, the Cardinals were determined to erase losing. Erase the past and start over, and in 1998, for that one, brief year, the Cardinals shined under Head Coach Vince Tobin.

The Cardinals shocked the world, and themselves, by making the postseason. Jake Plummer guided the Cardinals to a 9-7 Wildcard Berth and with that, the Cardinals orginization had something to play for in January. Noone, not even the fans would guess the outcome of the extroadinary game to come.

The date? January 2nd. The place? Dallas, Texas. The Arizona Cardinals were playing not for a chance to go to the Superbowl, however they were playing for pride. They were playing to show everyone that this franchise could and would win a playoff game. The Cardinals went on to beat Dallas, stunning everyone across America. The glory however would be short-lived as the Cardinals would lose the very next week to the 15-1 Minnesota Vikings. However, that game changed the Cardinals. From their on out, that Dallas game would be the most memorable game in their history.

This playoff win, unfortanutely for Arizona, was not a "sign of things to come" and during the 1999 season, the Cardinals would finish a miserable 6-10, a mirror image of what this franchise used to be. In 2000, their Head Coach, Vince Tobin was fired and Dave McGinnis took over the sinking ship.

McGinnis and the Cards finished 3-13 in 2000, however showed promise by finishing 7-9 in 2001. Once again, the mediocre season turned out to be a fluke, as in 2002 the Cardinals ended up 5-11, and had fans wondering if this team would stay in Arizona, or move to Los Angelos.

2002 marked the end of the Jake Plummer era as he chose to sign with the Denver Broncos, making Arizona, a thing of the past. 2002 brought bigger news then Jake Plummer's decision as all pro Strong Saftey Patrick Tillman turned down a multi million dollar contract to fight the war in Afganistan. Tillman broke the single season Arizona tackle mark, however, Tillman, unlike others, turned down the contract to fight for America.

2003 was no different then 2001 or 2002 as the Cards finished a miserable 4-12, and ensured Dave McGinnis' resignation. The Cardinals signed Dennis Green to right the Cardinals wrongs' however 2004 was not about how the team played, for a more serious matter had suddenly come up.

Former Cardinal Safety Pat Tillman died April 23rd 2004 fighting for America.

April 23rd 2004 was a day that all Cardinal fans remember as "the day" that Patrick Tillman, the same player that turned down a multi million dollar contract, was announced dead in Afganistan, defending America and fighting for what he believed in. Tillman from then on out, would be known as a hero, for he had not only defended our country, however he turned down millions of dollars to do so. Tillman was just 27 years old at the time of his death.

The Cardinals not only lost Pat Tillman in 2004, however the Cardinals also lost ten games. The Cardinals improved however, and were not eliminated from postseason play until week 16.

2005 has been a year to remember for all Cardinal fans, mostly because, for the first time, the franchise has been agressive in free agency, signing such players as former two time MVP Kurt Warner, all pro Safety Robert Griffith and more...However the fact still remains, that no matter what the Cardinals have done, their team has always, "been on the outside, looking in".


04-02-2005, 02:21 AM
Tillman was a hell of a guy for what he did. Can't say enough about him.

As for Arizona, I really think they have a shot at winning that division. They got a decent QB to go with 2 good young WR's and the D didn't play that bad for them last year and should be better this year. I don't see Seattle or SF beating them. They just have to beat the Rams and the Division is theirs.

04-02-2005, 06:29 AM
Amen. We need more athletes like Tillman and less like Randy Moss

04-02-2005, 08:08 AM
still amazes me the dedication and heart for his country that Tillman had to give up all the riches in the NFL, to go defend our freedom. Hats off again to a true Hero !!!