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02-12-2006, 11:12 PM
I want every Steelers fan out there who's experiencing what being a WORLD CHAMPION is all about for the 1st time ......to learn something real quick.
And that is:
Hold your heads high, never back down, and don't allow others that either hate or envy to throw stones without calling them out and holding them accountable. We make no excuses for being CHAMPIONS or being one of the few to have such a rich tradition of football EXCELLENCE!
For every and any crybaby or excuse maker out there that doesn't want to give the Steelers their due respect for whatever reason, print this out and give it to them. There's no need to say anything ....
Super Bowl XL:

1. The Refs didn't give up the longest run in SB history...Seattle's defense did.
2. The Refs didn't bite on a 43 yd trick play, Randle to Ward for a TD...Seattle's defense did.
3. The Refs didn't allow Ben to scramble around on a 3rd and 28 and complete a long pass to the 2 yd. line...Seattle's defense did.
4. The Refs didn't miss two field goals, that was Seattle.
5. The Refs didn't fail to step out of bounds late in the 1st half to stop the clock in Pitt territory in a crunch time situation...Seattle's offense did.
6. The Refs didn't let the 1st half clock tick down from 48 seconds all the way down to 13 seconds before finally running their next play at Pitt's 36 yd line...Seattle's offense did.
7. And on this play, 3rd down, 53 yds away from a FG, it wasn't the Refs who tried and failed to go deep for a TD rather than a safer 5-7 yd play and timeout setting up a much easier FG attempt....that, again, would be Seattle's offense.
8. The Refs didn't get confused by Pitt's zone defense and throw an INT...that would be Seattle's QB.
9. The Refs didn't let a little physical contact intimidate them from catching 4 very catch able passes...that would be the Seattle TE Jeremy Stevens.
10. With approx. 20 seconds left in the game, knowing they need a TD and FG, in no particular order, and in easy FG range on 4th down, it wasn't the Refs who ignored the FG and elected to throw up a prayer trying for a TD...that AGAIN would be Seattle.

And for any 'hater' still feeling a little salty and reaching for excuses as to why the Steelers didn't deserve to win the Super Bowl ...

11. The Refs didn't constantly punt deep into the end zone, repeatedly giving Pitt the ball at the 20 yd line...that of course was Seattle.
12. It wasn't the Refs who received a Christmas gift wrapped easy INT lobbed in perfect position to return deep into Pitt territory...the lucky beneficiary of that break would be Seattle.
13. It wasn't the Refs who got a break when a Steelers DB dropped an easy int early in the game...that too would be a break for Seattle.
14. It wasn't the Refs who caught a break when a Steelers WR dropped a very catch able TD pass...that break again would go to Seattle.
15. It wasn't the scapegoat Refs that received a break when a WR caught the ball, turned, stepped, was hit hard enough to cause a fumble, and then ruled INCOMPLETE...that would be of course, another chance for Seattle.
(this was an interesting call considering that after Troy's famous overruled Int, the NFL stated that it WAS a catch. If so, than this definitely WAS a catch)
16. The Refs weren?t the ones who caught a break when at the conclusion of a 2nd qtr play, as a Pitt DE was walking away, the Seattle Center blindsided the defenseless player, leveling him to the ground. This mysteriously unseen crime was again another break for Seattle.
17. It wasn't the Refs who got a break when Pitt QB Big Ben was blocked in the back as he pursued the DB who he'd tossed an int. to...that again would go to Seattle.
18. It wasn't the Refs who stopped Seattle RB Alexander in a few key situations. That would be the Pittsburgh Steelers.
19. It wasn't the Refs who converted many of their 3rd downs yet stopped their opponent on 3rd down often...that would be the Pittsburgh Steelers.
20. And the very bottom line is this...On plays when there wasn't any penalties ...One team made plays and one team didn't.
The end result was the final score, 21-10.

To every Steelers hater out there I say, 'Get over it,' and learn to accept losing with a little grace, humility, and dignity. Perhaps you'll earn yourself some respect in doing so ....
What the Steelers accomplished this year as a #6 seed on the verge of elimination is nothing short of miraculous. Think about it, it's NEVER been done before in NFL history and may never be done again. This team was matched against the very best that the league had to offer .... on the road no less ... and we beat them all! Sorry, but there is nothing empty, tarnished, or undeserving about that .....

With that said, Congratulations to the
World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers
Welcome Home Lombardi Trophy!

02-12-2006, 11:16 PM
I swear I saw this 3 days ago... Anyways.. If anyone is still complaining, it shows how much of a sore loser they are.

02-12-2006, 11:19 PM
yeah this is a repost, several times over.

People may never get over the shock of our SB win.. their loss..

02-12-2006, 11:23 PM
Awesome. I'm so sick of hearing complaining from all angles. Anyone complaining about this stuff doesn't know football.

02-12-2006, 11:26 PM
Sorry I'm new and I had this saved so i just wanted to show it on this board. Glad people have seen it already. Weird how things get passed around so quickly.