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07-30-2010, 10:37 AM
Just another reason why Pittsburgh Sports writers are all jokes and Ron Cooke is up there with Paul Ledewski!!!

Per Ron Cook's article...

"Autographs are supposed to be for kids, aren't they? They provide a link to their sports heroes. Just about every athlete I know gladly will sign all night for these, their youngest fans."

"Many adults will tell you they have made autograph-collecting a business. They are outside a team's locker room every night. Their only goal is to get sports memorabilia signed so they can sell it. These people annoy the players the most. If I were an athlete, I'd never sign for them. Surely, they will try to circumvent the Ravens' new policy by hiring kids to get their autographs."

"A lot will be wearing a Polamalu jersey or a Hines Ward jersey, even though their name might be Smith or Jones. Is it just me or is there something really strange about an adult walking around with someone else's name on his or her back?"
^This quote is what actually angered me. He is basically saying all fans are strange because they buy their favorite players jerseys and wear them? Can we buy "Ron Cooke Is a Joke" shirts to display our disgust toward him and forward the proceeds to charity?

My Rant in response...

First off, ADULTS PAY THE ATHLETES SALARIES and not their kids. They do this by being fans, purchasing officially licensed merchandise, and tickets to games and charity events. If someone is a fan and pays $300 for an authentic jersey, which is a lot of money for an article of clothing (how many people would buy a $300 Prada sweater? Not many), they are probably a big enough fan to want an autograph, just to show they actually met their favorite player(s). Some adults are despicable, however this is the minority. Player autographs help drive merchandise sales because ADULTS buy stuff to show support. Have you even seen any professional athletes game rooms? 75% of Professional Athletes have autograph and memorabilia collections... I guess that makes them childish... Oh yeah they do make millions of dollars for playing a childs GAME

Secondly, Mr Cooke, please state your sources of the so called many adults that are in the autograph selling business? 20 people out 10,000 people is a majority?

Finally, you are a SPORTS WRITER!!! HOW CAN YOU SAY PEOPLE THAT WEAR PLAYERS JERSEYS ARE CREAPY??? I guess the Millions of Sports Fans across the world that wear jerseys of their favorite players are "strange". If my calculations are correct... 10 million sports fans world wide in general that wear jerseys... vs 1 Pittsburgh Sports writers opinion makes you .000000001% of the majority and makes you even more credible? If teams didn't have fans, you wouldn't have a job!!!

Why don't we just take the fans out of sports and see if you still have a job.

I myself am not an autograph collector, although I do enjoy seeing friends and family collections because there is often a story involved and are usually good conversation starters.


07-30-2010, 12:14 PM
no he is right. my mum use to work at a football club and we got all to know each other pretty well, they got annoyed when there autographs were sold because theres people like at the farest back of the line like kids that wanted them but couldnt (they would treausre them for life) but couldnt sign them because of time before kickoff.

so **** you autograph sellers.

you dont pay for their ****ing salaries, they are your entertainment, please a lot of people would be ****ed if sports wasn't in their lives

07-30-2010, 12:21 PM
:doh: :blah: Your response is clearly irrelevant and childish. You couldn't even respond without trying to insert an expletive. Real mature.

07-30-2010, 12:28 PM
:doh: :blah: Your response is clearly irrelevant and childish. You couldn't even respond without trying to insert an expletive. Real mature.

Yeah just as bad as your cry baby rant

07-30-2010, 02:04 PM
I never understood autograph hounds either. I've never felt the need to have another man's signature let alone ask him for it. I don't collect things though so I'm not into that whole scene.

The jersey thing is kind of lame. I don't see the shame in buying a jersey and wearing it no matter how old you are. I've got a few jerseys. Not like I bothered a player by getting it.

07-30-2010, 02:54 PM

You never mentioned a link and the first half of the story that makes sense you stupid conniving basterd.


It will be a great first day of Steelers training camp Saturday if no one gets seriously hurt.

I'm not talking about the players.

The fans.

Have you noticed how aggressive autograph seekers are these days?

It's a miracle a small child hasn't been crushed trying to get Troy Polamalu's signature.

The Baltimore Ravens have recognized this as a growing problem. They saw the large crowds around Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Joe Flacco after training-camp practices and realized they had to make a policy change for safety's sake. That's why, at Ravens Camp 2010, autographs are being limited to kids 6 through 15, who are given wristbands to enter the autograph area.

Many adults in the Ravens' fan base have screamed in protest.

Too bad.

This is a terrific idea.

Here's hoping the Steelers look into implementing it.

It makes sense on so many levels.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10211/1076385-87.stm#ixzz0vC3D77dR

08-02-2010, 09:52 PM
I absolutely agree with this! I was just at training camp today and the behavior of some of the men when their favorite athletes apear is absolutely rediculous. Seriously, grow up. Be considerate. Let the little kids get the autographs, it's the whole reason why they come. Its sickened me today so much that i finally had to say something. I waited all day to get James Harrison's autograph and finally when he appeared I swear, a SWORM of 35 to 50 year old men flocked and knocked over everything in sight. Smashing me a 16 year-old 115 pound girl and other children. Rediculous. How old are you again? And when i finally said "How can you act like this, you are a grown man, back off!" They all gave me the dirtiest look. Fuccking rediculous. And oh yeah thanks to them I and the other younger kids didnt get the autographs.

08-03-2010, 03:51 AM
Ahh a victim themselves of a crushed attack, shows how kprst6 deluded is.