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08-01-2010, 03:05 AM
Notes from Saturdayís practice. Same disclaimer as every year. Itís only the first day of practice. If I say something bad about ďyour guyĒ, donít take it personally. Thereís no telling who gets serious at what point of the season among the veterans, and thereís no telling what affect first day nerves may have on a rookie. These notes are in chronological order. Sometimes you only get half of what happened because guysí numbers are sometimes obstructed by the surrounding players or the fat dude sitting in front of me.

Jeff Reed is the first player down. Thatís the first time in a while that a veteran was the first guy on the field at the first practice.

The next guys down are Kyle Jolly and Demetrius Taylor. Good hustle. These two better. The odds are against them.

The tight ends take a few flatfooted catches from the jugs machine. McHugh goes first. He catches the first five belt high, facing the machine. The next two balls get spit out at his ankles, and he makes nice, quick scoops on both. He takes one more in the chest, then turns to the side and catches the next five balls well placed, out front, then he turns the other way and catches the first one. The second one is a couple inches over his head, and it handcuffs him. The ball was a little high, but it was definitely catchable. Itís a drop. He catches the next two.

Spaeth takes a turn. Starts out square to the machine. He bobbles the first one at his waist, but holds on. Catches the next five, all at the chest. He still absorbs the ball well, but he has shortened up his motion so he doesnít let the ball carry his hands as far as he used to which lets him tuck it away quicker. Smoother hands than McHugh. He turns to the side, the next ball is behind him and he makes a nice catch, contorting to scoop it from the small of his back. The next ballís high and he pulls it down nicely. He looks the next two into his chest, then the following two are nice catches on a high passes. Turns to the other side. He catches the last three, one of which sailed over his head and he had to go up for it as high as he could.

Johnsonís next. He catches the first three, two in the chest and one off the hip. Numbers facemask, knees and one he scoops off the grass. Pretty good for him. Last year he dropped something like four out of the first seven. Maybe he worked on his hands. He turns to the side and catches the next eight balls, one a nice catch on a ball well over his head. He turns to the other side. And catches four in a row including one that was behind him and one that was high. Well, heíll never be Antonio Gates, but he seems to have improved.

Miller takes his turn and shows us the surest hands in the business. Seven clean catches.

Eugene Bright takes a turn. He makes his first five catches including one low one and a high one. The next oneís at the waist and he bobbles it, but holds on. He catches the next three including a nice scoop on a low one, then drops the next one at the knees. Heís getting quite a slap when the ball arrives. Heís not absorbing the thing. Heís kind of overpowering the ball like a power forward on a rebound. Heís too animated, a lot of wasted motion. The coaches should beat that out of him inside a week. He catches the next four, but looks shaky. Hope heís a hell of a blocker.

Next they take turns running crossing patterns in front of the machine.

Speath goes first, and catches it.

Miller makes a one handed catch, reaching way out in front of him.

Johnson drops one he should have had, forehead high.

McHugh catches one at the hip.

Bright catches one.

Safety Tuff Harris joins them and makes a one handed catch.

Spaeth coming back the other way makes the catch.

Miller makes the catch.

Johnson makes the catch.

McHugh bobbles the ball for two steps then pulls it in.

The next throw is out of Brightís reach. No way he could have gotten to it.

Harris catches the next one.

Spaeth makes the catch, coming back the other way.

Miller makes the catch.

Johnson makes a stretching catch on a high ball.

McHugh makes the catch.

Bright drops another one. This one in the numbers.

Harris makes a catch on one behind him, reaching back nicely with both hands. This guyís got good hands for a safety.

Spaeth, Miller, Johnson, and McHugh catch theirs, but Bright drops another one.

Harris drops one at the knees.
Speath and Miller catch the next two.

The next throw is too low for Johnson. No way he could have caught it.

McHugh makes the catch.

Bright makes the next catch, and probably breathes a sight of relief. The great eye in the sky, hoisted on a platform, is watching even this little drill. Make a mistake, and it lives forever.

Harris tries to showboat and tries a one handed catch. Drops it. Hopefully one of the coaches will tell him to stick to using two hands if you can.

Another one out of Johnsonís reach.

The next pass sails way over Harrisí head.

Harris takes the next three facemask high.

On the other end of the field, Reed hits one from 45.

The offense goes through its walk throughs. Benís running with the first team. Guess thatís to show itís still his team. Good for Tomlin.

The first play is a pass to Ward on a ten yard come back route down the right numbers.

Flozel Adams is starting out at right tackle with the first team. You know the rest. Hartwig at center, Essex at RG, Kemo at LG.

Ben hits Wallace on a ten yard out to the right.

Leftwich runs with the second team. He hits Grisham on a short crossing pattern.

Hines lines up to the right and Battle to the left with Wallace in the slot. Grisham comes from somewhere behind the line and catches a short out pattern to the left from Lefty.

Battle splits right, Emmanuel Sanders splits left. Spaeth goes in motion then stops, Lefty drops back and hits Speath crossing deep in the middle.

Brandon London split left, Antonio Brown split right. Johnson the tight end on the right side. Dixonís the QB. London goes in motion and gets it handed to him on the end around.

Dixon drops back to pass, hits London on an out pattern.

Dixon drops back to pass, hits London on an in pattern.
Batch comes in. Wallace and Ward split right. Randel El to the left. Itís a little screen for Wallace, with Ward leading the way.

Ward fakes going in motion, Batch throws it to him on the right, but Kemoeatu standing underneath to simulate the defense grabs an interception with surprisingly suptle hands and takes it back the other way, Ward catches him from behind and bear hugs him, then gets dragged along. Pretty funny. Remember, this is the walk through.

Wallace splits right, Wardís in the slot. Randel El to the left. Wallace runs a fly down the right sideline and Batch hits him in the hands and Wallace drops it.

Battle goes in motion, Mendenhall gets it up the gut.

Battle and Sanders are split out left. Speath on the right TE spot. Grisham comes out of the slot, into the flat and Batch hits him in stride.

Grisham splits out right, goes in motion. Batch drops back and throws it to Sanders over the middle ten yards deep. Wow, Sanders is smooth jazz when heís running his route and catching the ball. Very fluid, kind of like Swannie. No, Iím not saying heís the next Lynn Swann, he just has some of that same grace. (It helps that they gave him 88. I wonder if someone did that on purpose.) No telling at this point if the kid canít get off the line ala Willie Reid or implodes in real games like Lima Sweed.

Battle and Grisham split right. Sanders splits left. Batch drops back and hits Vincent swinging out of the backfield.

Batch has Grisham split right. He goes in motion. Battle and Sanders are split left. Batch drops back to pass, heís looking, looking, never threw it. The horn sounds.

They practice the extra point. They start out with Bright blocking on the right side and McHugh blocking on the left. Reed pounds one down the middle and rattles the cameramanís post with the kick. I get the sense that Reed loves to scare the cameramen by making their platforms wave way up high in the air. They move it back and try from 27, he nails it. They move to the other hash marks. Reed lines up, and hits another 27 yarder. He makes one from 33. The next 33 yarder makes it through, but it drifted far to the right and almost hit the post. He splits the uprights on a 38 yarder. He hits a 43 yarder. He hits another 43 yarder, this one drifted to the right again. Looks like heís slicing just a bit.

They run four or five gadget play fakes out of the field goal formation, none of which look promising. In fact, they have a scary resemblance to the Zorn fake field goal call in Washington. On he last one Jeff Reed takes a pitchout. Please tell me thatís not really in our playbook.

On the far side of the field, several players are catching balls. Antonio Brown appears to be bobbling a few. Sanders is catching his.

Ben starts out the stretch period, stretching with the guys longer than he normally does. But eventually he drifts over to his usual place, standing next to Arians as the other players stretch.

The highlight of the practice, Hoke does his famous Russian dance, arms crossed, kicking his legs out and bouncing like heís playing at the Bolshoi (Okay, maybe thatís a stretch)

QBís backs and the o-line come out to dry run some plays at half speed with no defense in front of them.

Ben under center, handoff to Mendenhall.

Leftwich under center. Handoff to Moore to the left.

Dixon comes out with only enough linemen for half a line. Summers is the lead blocker in the backfield. Handoff to Mendy.

Lefty under center, handoff to Moore to the left.

Dixon under center, Antonio Brown goes in motion, Redman takes a handoff to the left.

They practice pitchouts. Ben pitches it to Mendy.

Lefty pitches it to Moore, a little behind him.

Dixon pitches it to Taylor, and itís a little behind him.

New line coach Kugler, who walked around the fields earlier unnoticed by most of the fans, has the linemen over in one corner. Heís non-stop talking. With Zirlein there was a lot of standing around. Kugler gets very animated. I donít know whether or not heís a good coach, but I like how animated and intense he is. Zirlein was their buddy. This guyís in their face.

08-01-2010, 03:08 AM
Taylor takes in a pass nicely on a flair out. Itís only one pass, but if a guy with his size can catch, then heís in the mix to become the full back on those rare occasions we actually use a fullback.

Dixon hits Vincent on a flair out to the left flat.

Ben hits Jonathan Dwyer in the flat. He looks the ball in nicely.

Batch hit Moore swinging into the flat.

Dixon hits Redman out to the left. After the play, Kugler comes in and gives Urbik some instruction. Urbikís running at center. Havenít seen him line up at guard yet. Tomlinís talking to him too. If Urbikís gonna take the snaps at center, then heís gonna have to make the line calls. I wonder how much notice he got. The pictures on the Steelerís official site of mini-camp is the first I heard he was running at center.

The backs take turns zig-zagging through four or five orange cones. Vincent moves through them with moderate speed. Summers is slower. Taylor is a sloth through there. Dwyer shows decent quickness through the cones. Redman looks to be slightly quicker, almost as quick as Moore. Oh man, Mendy is far quicker through the cones than the rest of them. Heís like one of those border collies, zig zagging on the dog obstacle course.

Players take turns catching balls thrown behind them on a crossing pattern.

Redman makes a nice catch.

Sanders makes a smooth catch on a ball well behind him.

Brown makes a nice catch on a ball behind him.

Isaiah Williams makes a nice catch.

Logan makes a shaky catch on a ball at the waist.

Hines makes a catch at the numbers

Randel El makes a catch at the numbers.

Wallace makes a catch on a ball behind him.

Battle makes the catch on a ball behind him.

Grisham juggles a ball thrown behind him, but he pulls it in.

The tight ends are practicing coming out of the chute and hitting the sled as they come out.

Johnson hits the sled the hardest out of the tight ends. McHugh has good form but not as much power. Bright has good power. Not quite like Johnson, but close.

The offensive linemen take turns driving each other.

Adrian Jones looks a little weak, canít move Kemo.

Pouncey looks a little weak. Kugler stops him and gives him some instructions.

Adams moves Jonathan Scott with relative ease.

QBís and receivers are running deep crossing patterns.

Ben hits Wallace on the numbers.

Dixon hits Battle in stride.

Grisham drops a ball that was right in the chest.

Ben hits Randel El in stride.

Lefty hits Logan in stride.

London makes a nice catch on a ball over his head.

Ben hits Sanders in stride.

Jonathan Scott looks weak, trying to move Adams. Itís funny. Kind of like Bugs Bunny trying to move The Crusher.

Essex isnít moving Hills much.

Urbik moves Pouncey pretty well.

Kemo shoves Adrian Jones around with no problem.

Wallace drops a pass.

London, Brown, and Sanders make smooth catches.

Isaiah Williams makes a nice catch on a ball a little high and behind him.

Batch hits London, and London looked a little shaky on that, had to double grab the ball.

Ben hits Randel El in stride. Ben looks sharper than he usually does this time of year. Heís usually shaking off a bit of rust at this point, but he looks like heís right in the groove this year.

Ward with a nice catch on a low ball.

Dixon hits Battle in the numbers.

Wallace with another drop.

Brown with a catch on one at his face mask.

Grisham with a nice catch on a high ball.
Sanders with a catch on one at the numbers.

London with a smooth catch, but heís moving slower than the other receivers. This guyís not gonna blow by anyone.

Randel El with a catch on one he turns around for. My first impression is that Randel El still catches the ball like a former QB. The #3 receiving spot depends on whether or not heís as quick as he used to be. From my perspective, he doesnít seem to be. That means the things wide open, and heís probably keeping an eye over his shoulder for Sanders and Battle.

Antonio Brown hauls in a deep out. He seems like a decent enough receiver, but I donít see anything special about him yet, not speed, not moves, not hands. None of them seem to be bad, but none of them seem to be good enough either. Heís gotta have more than this if he wants to make the team.

Sanders with a good catch on the deep out.

Dixon hits Williams in the numbers.

London makes a nice catch on the sideline and tiptoes to stay in bounds.

Dixon overshoots Logan.

Ben hits Spaeth in the numbers.

Ben hits Randel El on a quick pass to the sideline.

Tight ends are practicing pass blocking linebackers.

Bright blocks Thaddeus Gibson.

They line up again, and Bright blocks him again.

The defensive backs are hitting the sled. David Pittman, Will Allen, and Justin Thornton look weak hitting the sled relative to the others.

Coach Kugler has a drill I havenít seen before for the o-line. He has them straddling a foam bar about the size and shape of the concrete stop you see in parking spaces. He has them practicing shuffling back like theyíre on their backpedal in pass protection. The foam pad keeps them dropping in a straight line instead of hap hazardly.

Ben hits Brown in the numbers. (still running deep crossing patterns)

Johnson blocks Worilds nicely.

Lefty hits Wallace in stride.

Worilds fights through Johnson nicely with a swim move.

Sanders with a great one handed catch on a ball thrown way over his head.

Bright does a decent job on Harrison.

Dixon is a little off on a throw to Brown.

Batch hits Logan in the numbers deep.

Gibson beats Spaeth off the snap and gets under his arm nicely with a rip move to get by him outside.

Lefty hits Williams in the numbers.

Ben hits Sanders on a deep comeback.

Dixon hits Brown on a deep out.

Batch hits London on a fly down the middle.

Johnson bends Worilds over backward a bit. They do it again, and this time Worilds gets under him with his quickness and gets around him.

Batch is high to London, but London comes down with it.

Dixon hits Sanders in the numbers.

Johnson absolutely pancakes Worilds. Puts him on his back, flailing like an overturned turtle.

Gibson beats McHugh with an outside rush.

First scrimmage:

Lefty is under center. I formation, Heath to the left. Heath goes in motion. Itís a handoff to the right, Woodley and Aaron Smith pile up the left side, but Mendy cuts it back immediately and the left side of the offensive line buries their guy. Nobody left over on the right side of the defense, and Mendy is off to the races down the left sideline for a huge gain. Clark might have had the angle on him to get him way down field, but thatís debatable. No worry about Mendy getting off to a slow start like he did last year. He looks sharp. His line may suck, but heís ready for the season.

I formation. Spaeth and Summers lined up in the backfield in front of Moore. Lefty under center. Spaeth goes in motion to the left. Harrison blows up Summers, nowhere to go for the running back. Moore tried to turn it inside, but the inside of the front 7 had the play piled up.

Lefty goes under center, Spaeth and Miller to the left. Moore in the backfield. Moore on a handoff off tackle to the right, Woodley piles it up and Moore has to try to cut it back inside, but thatís stuffed up.

Lefty gives it to Moore going left with Summers as his lead blocker. Foot stuffs Summers in the backfield and the play has nowhere to go.

Lefty with two tight ends. Redman in the backfield. Steve McLendon gets blocked out of the play at the point of attack and Redman cuts quickly through the hole for a very nice gain. Redmanís moving nicely. Heís running a little lower than he did last year.

Redman with Summers as his lead blocker, two tight ends, Lefty under center. Legursky gets thrown into the backfield by McLendon, and Redman is forced to make a hard cut, but he makes a nice run out of it. Heís showing a little more quickness than last year as well. Redman has improved.

Pounceyís in at RG. Pouncey pulls to the left on a short guard pull and he misses his man. Went right by the primary threat in the hole which was Worilds, the back side LB who slid over ahead of him, and he ended up in a double team block, helping Kemo with a man Kemo had already blocked out of the play. Worilds cuts it up the line and gets Vincent behind the line of scrimmage.

Pouncey does a nice job of standing Paxson up. (the rest of the play was obscured by the family of five going back for their 4th hotdog)

Johnson goes in motion to the right. Dwyer on a sweep to the right, big hole. Johnson locked on Gibson and drove him way outside. Dwyer cut it up quickly, right behind him, got through the hole quickly and showed good acceleration through the hole.

Mendy on a sweep, cuts it up inside, but Foote has it piled up.

On the far field, Burnett has great coverage on Sanders. Tightest coverage of the day so far.

London does a nice job juking Lewis outside then cuts inside and makes a nice catch.

Mendy tries to go off tackle to the right and gets stuffed in the backfield when Ziggy gets great penetration and blows up the play, grabbing Mendy and the QB together.

Dixon hands it off to Redman, but RaíShon Harris has it stuffed in the backfield. The offensive lines seem to be really struggling with the run blocking. I mean, struggling more than they normally do. Even the big runs are coming on cutbacks where itís more a matter of the running back making a nice play rather than the line.

Practice punting and some coverage skills.

Sepulveda hits a high 50 yard punt.

The next punt is much shorter, maybe 35 yards.

Grisham is trying his hand at outside gunner on punt coverage, but heís weak getting a release and slow getting down field.

Gay is weak in trying to get the release on the outside.

Williams looks weak on the release.

Sepulveda with another 50 yard punt.

Dwyer is strong on getting the outside release, but then heís slow getting down field.

Sepulveda with a 45 yarder.

Moore does a nice job getting a release on the outside.

Pitman gets a clean release and closes ground quickly.

Sepulveda hits a 42 yarder.

London is very slow on the release, and doesnít seem all that strong for his size.

Sepulveda with a 50 yarder.

Sepulveda with a 45 yarder.

Sepulveda with another 45 yarder.

Next scrimmage.

Two wides right, Ben drops back and hits Mendy out of the backfield over on the left. Ooooo, Keisel drops Mendenhall with a thump to the chest and the crowd goes wild.

Ward and Miller line up to the right. Wallace on the left with Randel El in the slot. Ben drops back to pass, Randel El finds a deep seam on a crossing pattern and Ben lofts a perfect throw over the linebacker and under the safety. Randel El got behind Ike and heís gone.

08-01-2010, 03:09 AM
Battle splits out right, Ward in the slot. Wallace burns Gay on a deep out and Ben hits him in the numbers.

Grisham, Battle, and Sanders come out to the right. Lefty drops back to pass, no pass rush. Hits Sanders on a deep post pattern and Sanders makes a nice catch, but Mundy is right there as the ball arrives and would have unloaded on Sanders. Of course, DBís arenít allowed to hit the receivers, so weíll never know if Sanders would have held onto the ball.

Lefty under center. Moore back there with him. Fox is coming on a blitz but gets caught up in the junk. Worilds has good pressure, but Lefty gets it off and misses Grisham by five yards.

Lefty has Redman back with him. Lefty drops back. Ziggy loops around on a stunt, but thereís too much traffic inside. Lefty overthrows Battle. Lewis had good coverage on him, and Mundy was there in case he caught it.

Dixon under center. He hands it off to Randel El on a reverse. Great block by Redman at to point of attack on Worilds to spring him.

Logan and Brown split out to the left with Summers in the backfield. Dixon drops back and hits Logan, but Logan got hit immediately by Thornton and Crezdon Butler whose zone it seemed to be. There was absolutely no pressure.

Dixon drops back. Urbik stuffs Gibson coming on a blitz. London makes a nice sideline catch. He beat Anthony Madison.

Leftyís back under center. Looks, looks, no pressure. Checks down to Mendy coming out of the backfield into the left flat, covered by Timmons.

Lefty has Moore in the backfield. He drops back to pass, throws it a little high and Randel El drops it. He should have had that. McFadden had decent coverage on him and was right there in case he caught it.

Leftyís got Redman in the backfield. Wallace and Ward to the right. Clark coming on the blitz has great pressure. McFadden has great inside position on Wallace, had him pinned against the sidelines. Lefty missed by five yards.

Grisham and Battle split out to the right. Batch is in, hands it off to Vincent, and Vincent cuts it back, right past Ziggy. Mundy comes up and gives him a good shot. Mundy seems to be around the ball a heck of a lot more than he did last year. Looks like he knows where heís going this year.

Sepulveda with a long punt, Logan brings it back. Timmons has the first touch on the coverage team.

Sepulveda with a long punt. Gay gets blocked out of the play. Renauld Williams is the first man down on coverage. He looks like a good special teamer.

Sepulveda pooch punts. McFadden is holding Sanders who is coming down the sideline as the gunner. Bailey downs it inside the 5.

Sepulveda shanks the next pooch punt and it goes out of bounds way up past the 20.

Pass rush and pass protect on the far field.

Worilds beats Starks by faking an outside rush them blowing right by him on the inside with a brutal swim move. Worilds obviously needs to work on taking on blockers and his technique is poor when he needs to hold his poisition, but he looks like he could be useful this year on the attack. He more agile than a guy like Woodley, heís more tiger to Woodleyís bear, but heís gonna need work before Iíd be comfortable seeing him out there in anything but 3rd and long.

Hoke beats Hartwig with a short quick swim move.

Smith jumps off side.

Wallace beats Ike on an in and Ben hits him in the numbers.

Essex does a nice job blocking Smith.

Gibson gives a great fake outside then blows right past Adams on the inside. Coach wants to see it again. Gotta give Adams a second chance after that. Adams looks awkward over on the right. Heís not lifting his hand off the ground fast. Looks like he hasnít found his balance over there. It could be a while before he gets used to the right side.

Gibson comes back and does the same this to Adams again.

Ben hits Randel El in stride on a wide receiver screen.

Essex swallows up Worils.

Eason jumps off side. He tries it again, and Kemo stuffs him.

Ben drops back, but doesnít have anyone open. He checks down to Moore.

Stevenson Sylvester has good coverage on Randel El underneath.

Jones gets abused by Ziggy on a great swim move.

Adams burries Gibson.

Brown beats Harris on a good crossing pattern.

Legursky stuffs Paxson

Worthington pushed Pouncey into the backfield. They try again, and this time Worthington beats him with a head fake out and an inside move. They try it one more time and this time Pouncey stuffs Worthington. Pouncey appears to be absorbing the hit. At some point itís clear that the guy across from you is your man to block, at that point, he should be attacking. Itís kinda like leaning into a punch so you donít absorb the full force of the blow. Right now, Pouncey is absorbing everything they unload on him.

Lefty hits Brown on a sideline pattern. Brown beat Butler on the play.

Scott does a nice job stuffing Gibson.

Worilds gets stopped in his tracks.

RaíShon Harris gets stuffed.

Lefty hits Spaeth on an inside curl pattern in front of Sylvester.

Ziggy swims right by Legursky.

Pouncey gets beat on a swim move.

Grisham beats Burnett on a quick out pattern.

Pouncey pushes Ziggy past the pocket.

Lefty a little high for Brown, McFadden had good coverage.

Scott stuffs Gibson.

Dixon hits Logan down the sideline. Logan had beaten McFadden.

Paxson gets by Jones on a perseverance rush. He kept coming.

Kiesel pushes Legursky deep into the pocket.

Bailey beats Dorian Brooks with a spin move.

Grisham cuts in front of McFadden and makes a nice catch.

Harrison fakes Foster out of his jock with a head fake outside and an inside move. They try again and he beats him with an outside swim move.

Dixon drops back to pass. Johnson finds a seam and Dixon throws a perfect touch pass right over Foote and right in front of Gay.

Dorian Brooks stuffs Gibson.

Ziggy takes Kyle Jolly for a ride into the backfield with a great bull rush.

Fox bats Scott with an outside rip move.

Batch fakes a handoff, drops back, and heís intercepted by Sylvester. Sylvester got a nice deep drop from his LB spot and he dropped right to the perfect spot.

Pittman has Brown smothered.

Sanders beats Butler on an in pattern.

Sanders turns Butler around for another catch, but Butler comes up quickly.

Brown makes a nice catch on the sideline.

Butler is all over Brown in coverage.

Grisham cuts inside on a quick in pattern and Burnett reacted quickly, undercut it and almost had the interception.

Last scrimmage:

Hand off to Mendy, Farrior and Polamalu have it sniffed out.

Hand off to Mendy, oooo, Harrison blew the play up in the backfield. Looks like heís back at full speed.

Split Randel El out to the right, Miller and Spaeth inside right. Kiesel bats Kemo. Wallace has Ike beaten down the sideline, but Lefty doesnít have enough time and he overthrows the play.

Ben under center. Summers back to be the lead blocker, Miller drops back. Pitch it Vincent left. Foote and Eason stuff the play.

Spaeth Johnson to the right. Brown and Sanders to the left. Redman in he backfield. Johnson goes in motion to the left. Ben fakes the handoff to Redman then rolls to the left and hits Brown on the sideline. Brown had burned Will Allen.

Ben under center. Brown split left. Sanders in the slot. Ben drops back, he comes underneath to Sanders who absolutely fakes Gay out of his jock.

Brown and Randel El to the right, Sanders to the left. Moore in the backfield, Dixon under center. Handoff to Randel El to the left. RaíShon Harris blows the play up in the backfield.

Williams splits right. Redman is the lone back. Dixon drops back top pass, he hits Williams right in the numbers. Williams had beaten Burnett.

McHugh goes back to be the lead blocker for Moore. Dixon fumbles the snap (or Urbik didnít snap it right)

Benís the QB. Miller comes in motion to the right. Ben drops back to pass, Timmons forces him out of the pocket to the right. Clark had perfect coverage on Randel El.

Miller and Spaeth to the right, Sanders to the left. Ben hands it off, and Mendy busts through the line (Ziggy would have had Mendy in the backfield) Mendy gets into the secondary and fumbles the ball.

Randel El splits out to the right, Sanders to the left. Spaeth is tight to the left. Ben has Moore in the backfield. Summers drops back to be the lead blocker. Spaeth goes in motion. Pitch back to Moore, double reverse to Sanders. Sanders cuts around the line but before he can get free, Harrison chases him down.

08-01-2010, 09:05 AM
Dude! How the hell do you have all the time to do this?!?! Interesting stuff though - thanks!

08-01-2010, 09:58 AM
This is a response I wrote on aniother board that goes a little more in deatil on a couple guys:

I wouldn't say Worilds had a bad day. he needs to learn how to use leverage better when he's holding his ground, but he was pretty impressive on the attack. He's got a nice arsenal of moves and wiggles as he's coming up field, kind of in a Kendrell Bell sort of way. I think he'd already be formidable on passing downs as long as he's coming up field and not dropping into coverage. He's a little confused in that capacity. He doesn't know where he's going, but he gets there in a hurry and with a nice attitude. I really liked what I saw from him for the most part.

Lefty's got a real battle on his hands for the starter's spot for those 4 games. Some forgot to tell Dixon he's out of it. Dixon was very accurate yesterday and he was making his reads quicker than he did last year. I only saw one of two tuimes when he short circuited when he dropped back, and that's a huge improvement for him from last year. He throws the ball more accurately than Leftwich. He doesn't have that Juan Marichall wind up that Lefty does do the ball gets out of his hand quicker. He throws a prettier ball. He leads receivers better. And he's obviously a better runner. Yeah, Lefty had a bad day.

Pouncey's a little stiffer than I thought he'd be. I had dreams of him being the next Dirt Dawson, but forget that, he's not that agile. He's a guy that's gonna get in position quickly, and he was doing that okay, but it looks like he was a bit meek and didn't show the urgency he's going to need to show in sliding his feet. He was getting side to side a little slow and stiff, but once he locked up on someone, he did a good job. Definitely not like Urbik was last year. Pouncey has a change to get in the lineup early in the year IMO. He's not better than Essex right now, but give him a couple weeks, and he should be okay.

Redman looked solid blocking and he surprised me a bit running the ball. I expected him to beef up for the role of the short yardage dive, but I think he actually lost a few pounds and he looks quicker. I think he's cutting better, and his blocking technique is far better than last year. I think he's bucking to steal the backup role from Moore, and he looks like he has a shot at it.

I really, really liked what I saw out of Sanders (obviously), but like I said, for all we know, he may not be able to get off the line when the DB's are allowed to hit receivers. He looks a bit thin, might be easy to jam at the line, or he might hear feet when they can hit him. We'll see. But so far so good, he looks like a playmaker.

Of the rookies, Brown, Butler, Worthington, Thornton, Brooks, Taylor, and Jolly did noting distinctive that I saw that would lead me to believe they have much to contribute.Dwyer looked a lot quicker than what I was expecting for a 230 pound back. I can't wait to see him in full speed games where the defense is allowed to tackle him. Sylvester looked like he was an asset in coverage and special teams. Gibson showed some decent pass rush moves, even if he was a bit inconsistent. And the other guys I mentioned.

One guy you missed who had a good day was Ziggy. He's already the best down lineman we have at getting penetration. He improved his left handed swat and swim move. He's a load, and he's got those long arms so that it's really hard for linemen, particularly interior linemen who usually have shorter arms, to get good hand position on him. They'll use him on passing downs, and on downs when they'll be shooting the gap like 4th and goal from the 1. Smith and Keisel are still better at playing the run, but Ziggy has improved in that, and it won't be long before they HAVE to get him on the field. So start thinking about who goes from the starting front 3, because one will probably lose his starting role at some point this year.

Mundy's another guy who had a really good day. But Burnett and Lewis disappointed me. I really thought Burnett or maybe Lewis would step up their game in the off season and challenge McFadden, but I don't see that. Neither was all that impressive. And I'll go out on a limb here and say that Willie Gay won't get a whiff of the starting spot, and probably not the nickle or dime either, because both Lewis and Burnett looked better in coverage. I'm really bumned about Burnett. He looked good sometimes, and then he'd get burned. And that interception he dropped makes him a cadidate for the Dwight Stone Hands Award.

08-01-2010, 10:09 AM
Nice write up, will be sharing all over other steeler forums.

08-01-2010, 10:51 AM
Nice write up thanks for sharing. I don't know where you get the time to do this but Im glad you can do this. Please share more as training camp goes along.

08-01-2010, 12:58 PM
the Post Gazette says it was Harrison that made the hit on Mendy swinging out of the backfield, not Kiesel like I reported. They got there together and there was a lot of traffic. I was pretty sure it was Kiesel because he's the one I saw getting up off Mendy, but I could be wrong. He could have piled on after the fact.

08-01-2010, 01:49 PM
that was a great read bro.thanx alot for posting it

08-01-2010, 02:14 PM
here is the reason Pouncey may not of been 100%

Maurkice Pouncey arrived in Pittsburgh last night and didn’t hit the sack until around 1 am. He still was able to be up and pass his run test at 6 am so that he was allowed to practice with the team today, he even did an interview after practice and seemed excited to be out on the field.

Pouncey lined up with the first team next to the newly acquired Flozell Adams. From the sounds of Pouncey in the interview it seemed as if Adams is going to be willing to teach the rookie the ropes which is certainly a great sign for the Steelers.

Pouncey also stated that he had the playbook down and had been studying it and seemed quite comfortable with the thought of playing guard this coming season.

08-08-2010, 03:37 PM
Great write-up! I really appreciate all your hard work on this. Being in Oregon, I don't get to see/read as much about my Steelers as I would like. I am very excited for the start of pre-season to watch some of the battles take place.

08-08-2010, 06:51 PM
Don't like the pouncey review, but i know it's early.
If Ziggy was not ready to bounce the older guys out, he would be a wasted number 1 pick.
Harrisons still an animal...

08-08-2010, 07:33 PM
Don't like the pouncey review, but i know it's early.
If Ziggy was not ready to bounce the older guys out, he would be a wasted number 1 pick.
Harrisons still an animal...

I'm less concerned about Pouncey once I found out that he did his run test that morning. It's one thing for the speed guys who do a lot of running to take that test and then go out for their two practices, but you make a big guy like Pouncey run those long sprints and his legs will be Jello the rest of the day, particularly in the second practice of the day.

As far as Ziggy goes, I'm excited. I can't wait to see him in real games. I really think we're gonna be playing half our games against teams that will have to double Ziggy and double Harrison, that means we can double every receiver, which eases the impact of the issues we have at CB, and changes the dynamics of our defense.