View Full Version : Done just in time for the season

08-11-2010, 08:07 AM
This is, what i hope, will be a useful tool for following the Steelers season in 2010.

It features links to Steelers team pages of many major NFL sites as well as local news, TV and radio outlets.

I created this page so i can follow the Steelers more closely.


Am looking for suggestions for ways to improve the page.

Here is the main page for all the teams in the NFL


I created this page so i can gain quick access to every team

What do you think?

Note to the moderators: This will be the only time that I will post this. Also please notice that I have created a link to SF on the Steeler Page. It is my hope to share my effort that will benefit all NFL fans, especially Steeler fans as i am a Pittsburgher.